“Great for sites with one free level who want to override the default process” — That’s a great headline but unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be very accurate.

I added the “one step form” to my site. When I fill it out, I am redirected and made to manually select the only membership level available (free). Then I’m redirected to a full form to fill out yet again — and my username and password that I’ve already selected aren’t even pre-filled for me so now I have to type it all in again.

What exactly are we overriding here? I’m asking because at first glance, we’ve actually added ANOTHER step to the registration process instead of “overriding the default process”.

This is what “overriding the default process” meant to me: I expected to have a new form that once “submit” was clicked, a new user was registered at my “free level” (my only level) and they would have bypassed the three-click-and-fill-out-a-form Registration process.

Clearly I’m missing something. Please explain what benefit this Register Helper Add On is supposed to provide? As I said, all I can see is it’s adding more work for the user and not less.


Sorry this isn’t working for you. I’ll try to test the default setup again, but in the meantime are you using other PMPro addons or otherwise requiring other fields at checkout? If you post to the member forums, I can get more information about your setup and try to help you out.

[pmpro_signup button="Unlock this Post Now!" level="1" login="1" redirect="referrer"]. I use this code you have supplied for a free membership level.

you state “If the level is free, submitting the form will register the user and redirect them to the Membership Confirmation page.” however, the shirt code redirects to my checkout page, how can i chafe it to redirect to the confirmation page.


Yes i have billing address and T&Cs required for paid members in the checkout stage but this isn’t needed on free level. I asked in support, however they needed FTP but I don’t have access as i have web developers who set up the site.

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