This plugin is no longer being actively developed and may not work with the latest version of Keap (formerly Infusionsoft). We are keeping it here for archive reasons and in case future development occurs. If you would like to add a vote to have this worked on, please use our contact form. As an alternative, you can consider using the Zapier Integration.


  • Upload the ‘pmpro-infusionsoft’ directory to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory of your site.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • The settings page is at Settings –> PMPro Infusionsoft in the WP dashboard.


Infusionsoft Username/ID
This is your Infusionsoft ID that you login with. It will be the XXXX part of your Infusionsoft URL
Infusionsoft API Key
You will find this within your Infusionsoft account. Here are instructions for finding and activating your Infusionsoft API key.
Enter tags, separated by commas, which should be applied to users of each membership level. The “All Users Tags” are applied to users without a membership level. The member tags are applied to users with that membership level. Once tags are added to a contact, they are not removed by PMPro Infusionsoft.

Other Notes

The standard integration is to setup Paid Memberships Pro and PMPro Infusionsoft and direct your members to the PMPro checkout page. Once they become members, the PMPro Infusionsoft plugin uses the Infusionsoft API to add the contact in Infusionsoft with any appropriate tags.

This plugin will NOT update PMPro members if they checkout at Infusionsoft.

This is a Free Add On.

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