Paid Membership Pro Tracking using Kissmetrics Add On


  • Track powerful user data, enabling you to follow exactly what your customers are doing in an easy to read format.
  • Adds specific WordPress and PMPro properties to your KISSmetrics customers and events.
  • Works with or without Paid Memberships Pro


  1. Upload the ‘pmpro-kissmetrics’ directory to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory of your site.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Configure your Kissmetrics settings on the Settings > PMPro Kissmetrics page in your WordPress admin.
Screenshot of Kissmetrics Integration Settings

How it Works

Kissmetrics allows you to track meaningful data on per user level, giving you a clear picture of what your visitors are really doing on your website.

The Kissmetrics Add On for Paid Memberships Pro takes this a step further, allowing you to identify users by their WordPress username, email address, or display name, and track specific events such as “registered”, “changed membership level”, and more.

Kissmetrics attaches these properties to Customers, giving you all sorts of meaningful data to create different metrics and reports, giving you exactly the information you need to make important decisions and increase your business.

Kissmetrics Add On Registration

Included Tracking Options

Out of the box, Kissmetrics tracks all anonymous visitors’ page views with a unique ID, so you can see when the same visitor is returning to your site before they register.

Once they register, they will be tracked by their WordPress account details. Identify users by username, email address, or display name.

PMPro Level Change with Kissmetrics

Events and Properties

Without Paid Memberships Pro installed, the Kissmetrics Add On can track the following events and properties:

WordPress events

  • user registration
  • user login

WordPress properties

  • username
  • email address
  • display name
  • user ID

Screenshot of WordPress User Tracking

When Paid Memberships Pro is installed, these additional events and user properties can be tracked:

Paid Memberships Pro Events

  • user visits any front end PMPro page (Levels, Account, Billing, Checkout, etc.). When a user visits the Checkout page, the selected level will be included as well.
  • user changes membership level
  • user checks out for any level
  • user cancels level
  • user starts trial – this occurs when there is a trial set for the level on the Edit Membership Level page

Paid Memberships Pro properties

  • membership level
  • last order ID
  • last checkout total

Any of these options can be turned on or off from the PMPro KISSmetrics settings page.

Screenshot of PMPro KISSmetrics settings page

Hooks and Filters

Allows you to specify is a level is a trial or not. The default code reports a trial if the level’s trial_limit is set to a value greater than 0.

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