The Sitewide Sale Add On simplifies the creation, management and reporting for sites looking to run a sitewide or flash sale on memberships and subscriptions.
Run a Successful Membership Sale with Sitewide Sale Add On

A little background…

In 2017, we made over $24,000 during our Black Friday weekend sale. Over the same weekend, a year later, we made over $32,000! Soon after, we wrote up an article to share all of our secrets, including the exact strategies we used to set up banners, landing pages, and pricing discounts. It’s a good read. You can find it here:

>> How to Run a Black Friday or Cyber Monday Promotion

We know that if you follow the steps in the article, you WILL make extra money in your membership site this month. Still, it takes time to set up the banners, landing pages and then wire everything together.

Now you can run your own holiday sale.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales have proven, by many, to be very beneficial. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for our members to run there own sales. We launched an Add On that enables you to set up your own sales landing page. Now, you can set up your own Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Giving Tuesday sale using Paid Memberships Pro!

The Sitewide Sales Add On for Paid Memberships Pro puts all of the controls needed to run a successful sale in one place:

  • Start and End Dates
  • Discount Codes
  • Landing Page with Before, During, and After Sale Content
  • Onsite Banners
  • ReportingView the Add On

Sitewide Sales Admin Edit

Using Memberlite? We’ve made it even easier.

The Sitewide Sales Add On works seamlessly with Paid Memberships Pro, but includes a little bonus for sites on the Memberlite Theme.

Sites that are using the Memberlite Theme can leverage five built-in Landing Page templates. Check out this article on the Memberlite Theme blog to view demos of each template and the setup instructions to get your sale up and running.

Sitewide Sale: Gradient Landing Page
Sitewide Sale: Neon Landing Page
Sitewide Sale: Ocean Landing Page

Sitewide Sale: Photo Landing Page
Sitewide Sale: Scroll Landing Page

View the Demos

If you’re using a different theme and can’t make the switch before the holiday buying season begins, you’re (maybe) in luck. We’ve tested the templates with many of the “Popular” themes found on the Theme Directory and everything is pretty close to the Memberlite demos. To enable templates for your site, navigate to Memberships > Advanced Settings and check the box labeled “Use the templates included in the Sitewide Sales Add On”.

The templates are designed to work best on a fluid-width, header, menu, and footer-free layout (sometimes called a “Blank” template in your theme). If your theme doesn’t have a template like this or the ability to toggle elements via the Edit Page admin, check out this “Blank Slate” plugin by Aaron Reimann. The plugin inserts a “Blank Slate” template option you can use to get the desired appearance.

Go check it out!

We hope the Sitewide Sales Add On helps to streamline the workload involved in creating a sale for this holiday season. We’ll be continually improving the Add On as we get feedback on the included features and new feature requests.

View the Add On

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