Below is a transcript of the PMPro Dev Chat held today. Thanks to everyone who participated.

jasoncoleman [2:01 PM]

michaelcummings [2:01 PM]
Hey hey

jasoncoleman [2:01 PM]
-= -= -= -= -= -= Start of 5/15/2015 Dev Chat (or a few lines up) =- =- =- =- =- =- =-

messica [2:01 PM]
hi :simple_smile:

sjolshagen [2:01 PM]

reportica [2:01 PM]

jasoncoleman [2:02 PM]
We can shoot the breeze for about 3 more minutes, then formally start.

jasoncoleman [2:02 PM]
How is everyone?

reportica [2:02 PM]
thx for this entire slack channel

juanvillegas [2:02 PM]
joined #development. Also, @aurorawdc joined.

jasoncoleman [2:03 PM]
Sure. Just hoping we can keep it on the free tier πŸ˜‰

michaelcummings [2:03 PM]
Been doing great, finally got that 5k member site transitioned over …

jasoncoleman [2:03 PM]

messica [2:03 PM]
pretty good, excited for the weekend and better weather here..

michaelcummings [2:03 PM]
@jasoncoleman: you can keep it on the free tier forever

michaelcummings [2:03 PM]
Wordpress uses the Free tier as well and there are thousands of members

aurorawdc [2:04 PM]

jasoncoleman [2:04 PM]
Ah. I thought they probably got free premium access (Mullenweg is an investor in Slack)

michaelcummings [2:04 PM]
there are many communities on Free levels… they only charge is you want access to your archives

jasoncoleman [2:04 PM]
Need premium to save histories (okay) and to be able to manage access to public channels.

jasoncoleman [2:05 PM]
or “Guest access”

tubiz [2:05 PM]
Hi everyone

jasoncoleman [2:06 PM]
Hi there. People may trickle in yet, but we’ll get started.

jasoncoleman [2:06 PM]
Can everyone say hi, one sentence who you are, and if there is a topic you want to bring up?

jasoncoleman [2:07 PM]
I’m Jason Coleman, Lead Developer of Paid Memberships Pro. I’d like to get ideas for video shared demos to do with this group.

michaelcummings [2:07 PM]
I want to chat about WooCommerce integration specifically… I’m not sure if thats a popular thing, but I have a scenario I’m trying to work through

messica [2:08 PM]
hey, i’m Jess from the PMPro support forums, mostly just hanging out here while working on those.

tubiz [2:08 PM]
Am Tunbosun a WordPress developer from Nigeria. I will like us to talk about creating premium add-ons for PMP (payment gateways)

perrylawrence [2:08 PM]
joined #development

tubiz [2:08 PM]
Hi Jess.

nomad411 [2:08 PM]
joined #development

nomad411 [2:09 PM]

perrylawrence [2:09 PM]
hi, old hat a membership sites, new to PMP

reportica [2:09 PM]
I am Sheryl Coe, here in last chat as well.

aurorawdc [2:09 PM]
Hello, this is Matt and Arik. We are using PMPro to establish a WordPress Multisite community for the business (competitive) intelligence industry. No specific topics yet but we wanted to join and get our creative juices moving

jasoncoleman [2:10 PM]
Cool. Think that’s most people.

nomad411 [2:10 PM]
Gerard from Montreal, Canada. PMPro is my chosen membership platform, love the interaction with other things like Woo, etc. Now looking at mastering it better

sjolshagen [2:10 PM]
Thomas here. No specific topic. Been using PMPro for our gym (scheduling, membership , billing, etc).

jasoncoleman [2:10 PM]
I’ll go through my notes here, just holler if we miss a topic.

jasoncoleman [2:11 PM]
My topic first :simple_smile:

michaelcummings [2:11 PM]

joel [2:11 PM]
joined #development

jasoncoleman [2:11 PM]
I’d like to do these more regularly, like every week. (Need to get better at that) And would also like to do video stream/webinar demos.

jasoncoleman [2:11 PM]
Like let people watch in when I do a common bit of PMPro development. To help others learn tricks of the trade/etc.

jasoncoleman [2:12 PM]
To that end, who would watch those (like 1hr once a week) and does anyone have any ideas for topic?

jasoncoleman [2:12 PM]

nomad411 [2:12 PM]
I’d watch

jasoncoleman [2:12 PM]
An example might be setting up the register helper with a few customizations, or setting up PMPro WooCommerce. Or tweaking a theme/etc.

jasoncoleman [2:13 PM]
Or maybe even better if someone has a real like problem they want me to fix in 1hr next Tuesday…

aurorawdc [2:13 PM]
that sounds great. I think I’d attend for sure

tubiz [2:13 PM]
Having a weekly meeting on Slack will be cool. I will suggest we have a fixed day and time for the weekly meeting (edited)

jasoncoleman [2:13 PM]
Might as well make it a real case.

perrylawrence [2:13 PM]
Videos would be nice to refer to. Great library of knowledge.

messica [2:13 PM]
maybe showing off some of the more advanced features of register helper would be good.. also combine it with adding those fields to the members list? a lot of people ask about that i’ve noticed

jasoncoleman [2:13 PM]
I like fixed days/times so it’s more regular. But also like changing it up for folks with different schedules/hemispheres.

aurorawdc [2:13 PM]
I know we have several enhancements we could address that might be customizations I’m not aware of yet

jasoncoleman [2:14 PM]
Maybe I’ll post to the blog or the forums for people to post ideas to and then choose some from there.

messica [2:14 PM]
i think a lot of people don’t even realize you can do things like conditional fields either.. i think it would be great to have a whole hour on register helper alone

aurorawdc [2:15 PM]
now I do know messica!

michaelcummings [2:15 PM]
I get the distinct feeling you guys have developed a lot of functionality that we dont know how to use, so more videos would be helpful

nomad411 [2:15 PM]
I’m looking at importing members now with nothing more than their first/lastname. (edited)

jasoncoleman [2:15 PM]
For sure. RH is a biggy. (Wonder if we could add a memberslist => true option like we have for memberslistcsv => true)

messica [2:15 PM]
yeah, there’s a ton of documentation that needs to be updated :stuck_out_tongue:

jasoncoleman [2:16 PM]
For sure. To be honest, I even have decided to not share certain things more publicly because I don’t think we’d be able to support it.

jasoncoleman [2:16 PM]
Importing would be another good one

messica [2:16 PM]
@jasoncoleman: i think that’s a great idea

michaelcummings [2:16 PM]
@nomad411: if you want to ping me in private, I just spent three days doing a huge import from another system so if you have any questions let me know.

jasoncoleman [2:16 PM]
LOL people can watch me update docs for an hour.

aurorawdc [2:16 PM]
@jasoncoleman: FUN!

nomad411 [2:16 PM]

nomad411 [2:16 PM]
Use THAT font! no THAT font!

sjolshagen [2:16 PM]
Could always rotate through a fixed schedule that alternates. For example weekly but w/time repeats monthly. I.e. M1 = W1 @ 9ET, W2 @ 10PM ET, etc. (Cycle through the time so most of the planet has at least one session during their daytime).

michaelcummings [2:16 PM]
@jasoncoleman: thats your business model. Support. The more people who look for help, the more people who give you money

messica [2:16 PM]
we can sit and argue about how to word things for like 15 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

aurorawdc [2:17 PM]
@messicayou typed that wrong

aurorawdc [2:17 PM]

messica [2:17 PM]

jasoncoleman [2:17 PM]
@sjolshagen: I like the rotation idea.

jasoncoleman [2:18 PM]
@michaelcummings: Yes. For example, when we released the PMPro WooCommerce addon and pushed it to the repository, we started getting a lot of new users from it.

jasoncoleman [2:18 PM]
A lot of head aches too, but it’s all good. #segway

nomad411 [2:18 PM]
@jasoncoleman: Is this a paid Slack account? Will things said stick around?

jasoncoleman [2:18 PM]
What was your WooCommerce scenario?

jasoncoleman [2:19 PM]
@nomad411: This is not a paid account. So no history. However, I do copy/paste onto our blog.

nomad411 [2:19 PM]

jasoncoleman [2:19 PM]
Feel free to private message me if you want anything redacted.

jasoncoleman [2:19 PM]
I should probably state the copy/paste this up front. So don’t say anything you don’t want public.

nomad411 [2:19 PM]
It’s 2015, it’s ALL public πŸ˜‰ (edited)

aurorawdc [2:20 PM]
I know PMPro is more for content right now, but are there any future plans for making it restrict access to “premium plugins” or “premium themes”, similar to WPMU’s Pro Sites? We have seen a use case for that lately but can’t really use anything for it, at least that I”m not aware of…?

michaelcummings [2:20 PM]
Well I have a single product that my client wants to sell. And I’m getting a strange redirect when I add both the woocommerce shortcode for “My Account” and the “PMP Account” shortcode to the same page… its a loop.

The Woocommerce addon seems to want to hand over buying memberships with woo, but thats not what I want. I simply want to just sell the single product.

Not sure how to go about it, and I’m not certain this is a technical question for dev chat, but just something I’m trying to figure out

jasoncoleman [2:21 PM]
@aurorawdc: We have this code if you are using pmpro-network

slackbot [2:21 PM] Only you can see this message
OK, I won’t import this GitHub Gist, but I will remember to ask you again next time.

aurorawdc [2:21 PM]
@jasoncoleman: boom :simple_smile: I’ll check it out, thanks!

jasoncoleman [2:22 PM]
@michaelcummings: Sounds like a support thing. But real quick, make sure the user is a member when accessing the page with the shortcode or they will be redirected to the levels page and make sure that the account page isn’t locked down for any members.

jasoncoleman [2:22 PM]
Might be some other interaction going on there. We updated the pmpro_account shortcode in the last update.

jasoncoleman [2:23 PM]
Have you posted to the forums? (We’re backed up, but I’m getting in there after this chat.)

jasoncoleman [2:23 PM]
@aurorawdc: Is that what you meant RE premium plugins/themes?

michaelcummings [2:23 PM]
I haven’t posted this to the forum yet… I was still trying to work through it myself…

michaelcummings [2:23 PM]
Another Woo related thing…

jasoncoleman [2:23 PM]

michaelcummings [2:24 PM]
I noticed that Woo creates all the Billing and Shipping fields in a user profile. Is there a way to keep that info synced with PMPro?

sjolshagen [2:24 PM]
Have there been changes to the membership shortcode lately? Noticed that a

jasoncoleman [2:29 PM]
I think the level=”” was working through a bug for you

jasoncoleman [2:29 PM]
is that what you intended (for non-members)?

jasoncoleman [2:29 PM]
@aurorawdc: perfect

jasoncoleman [2:30 PM]
@aurorawdc: One thing that ProSites plugin does well is to setup default settings/pages/plugins/etc for new sites on the network.

sjolshagen [2:30 PM]
Filter changes, per chance? (I had a filter that implemented multiple negative levels (exclusion) and multiple positive levels (have a free level so used which stopped working.

reportica [2:30 PM]
@jasoncoleman so we could combine Only if you are not a member will you see this. and on a page?

jasoncoleman [2:30 PM]
Don’t really have anything like that (although there is a comment in pmpro-network.php where you would code something like that)

jasoncoleman [2:31 PM]
@sjolshagen: Can you post the examples that don’t work with what you intend in the member forums. I think we might have broken some use cases while fixing others.

sjolshagen [2:31 PM]
@jasoncoleman: Ok. Will do.

jasoncoleman [2:31 PM]
Some of the changes were in the shortcode and some in the pmpro_hasMembershipLevel function

messica [2:31 PM]
@jasoncoleman: i noticed “s are messing with that shortcode for some reason

jasoncoleman [2:31 PM]
@reportica: Yes. You can have multiple shortcodes on the same page.

messica [2:32 PM]
someone brought it up on the forums, i forget where

jasoncoleman [2:32 PM]
Might be related.

reportica [2:32 PM]
If you are going to do a tutorial. I’d know more about choosing one method or another for organization changes to code I like plugin but not sure that’s right.

Paid Memberships Pro
Customizing Plugin Pages via Theme Templates | Paid Memberships Pro
All PMPro pages are managed through WordPress pages. On the second tab of the PMPro Settings page, you can assign or generate WordPress pages for the Accou

jasoncoleman [2:32 PM]
Maybe we can fix that together on a webinar. πŸ˜‰

jasoncoleman [2:32 PM]
@reportica: Good idea. Noted.

reportica [2:33 PM]

aurorawdc [2:35 PM]
@jasoncoleman: WPMU’s Pro Sites? Yes I like its ease of use on another site I have

jasoncoleman [2:36 PM]
@aurorawdc: yeah

jasoncoleman [2:37 PM]
Have I missed any topics from earlier?

sjolshagen [2:37 PM]
@messica: Do you know how they’re messing with it?

messica [2:37 PM]
haven’t had time to look into it but the quick fix was just not using them… ie

sjolshagen [2:38 PM]
Mhkay. Thanks.

michaelcummings [2:39 PM]
gotta go /afk for a while. I’ll catch you guys if you’re still here when I get back.

@nomad411: let me know if you have any Questions in private about importing. I just finished up a huge import so I can probably quickly answer any questions you have later….

messica [2:40 PM]
@sjolshagen: np

jasoncoleman [2:40 PM]
Cool then. I’ll stick around for a bit to answer any questions that come up, but we can call it a wrap unless someone has anything else to discuss.

tubiz [2:41 PM]
Jason will bring up my topic now

aurorawdc [2:41 PM]
I think I’m good now but if we are doing these weekly I will be compiling my list!

tubiz [2:41 PM]
Am planning on developing premium addon for PMP. And will like to have your take on it.

jasoncoleman [2:41 PM]
Ah right. Premium plugins for gateways.

tubiz [2:41 PM]
Gateways and majorly adding additional features to PMP

jasoncoleman [2:42 PM]
Going to try to do them weekly. Should maybe set the schedule and just let them run without me if I’m unavailable.

jasoncoleman [2:42 PM]
I’m open to others selling premium addons.

tubiz [2:42 PM]
@jasoncoleman: is it possible for two payment methods to be available on the payment page.

jasoncoleman [2:42 PM]
I don’t have any infrastructure to support that. Our addons are free

aurorawdc [2:42 PM]
Would the schedule be posted via the blog weekly? Or maybe you could have a calendar page that has the meetings listed, if you decide on rotating them?

jasoncoleman [2:43 PM]
@tubiz: Yes. There is a pmpro-add-paypal-express addon and a blog post RE adding multiple options at checkout using custom code.

jasoncoleman [2:43 PM]
Schedule will go out on the blog. Calendar page is a good idea too.

aurorawdc [2:43 PM]
Awesome, thanks for doing these

jasoncoleman [2:44 PM]
Ideally I wish we had a way to promote paid addons and split revenue/etc.

jasoncoleman [2:44 PM]
FWIW, we’re going to add a “support license” nag into our addons, but otherwise leave them free.

jasoncoleman [2:45 PM]
The biz model that WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads have seems to be the best in terms of revenue and encouraging developers to build and maintain addons.

tubiz [2:45 PM]
OK. Thanks

jasoncoleman [2:45 PM]
So I’d really like to explore these ideas and figure something out.

jasoncoleman [2:46 PM]
I could see certain PMPro addons becoming paid and then using the same infrastructure to host other paid addons.

jasoncoleman [2:46 PM]
In the meantime, if you publish it somewhere/somehow (easy digital downloads has good license code) then I’ll blog about it and link to it whenever it comes up in the forums/etc.

nomad411 [2:46 PM]
Except Woo is sooo expensive that it created an ecosystem of cheaper resellers

jasoncoleman [2:46 PM]
I agree that Woo is too expensive.

tubiz [2:47 PM]

tubiz [2:47 PM]
That sounds cool.

tubiz [2:47 PM]

nomad411 [2:47 PM]
and I agree that all this is promising here :simple_smile:

jasoncoleman [2:47 PM]
I like Jigoshop. There all addons for one price system is bad though because they don’t share that revenue. I have an addon there and make like $50 every 3 months or something. Not enough to encourage me to maintain it.

jasoncoleman [2:47 PM]
EDD has hit the sweet spot I think.

nomad411 [2:47 PM]
Could be :simple_smile:

jasoncoleman [2:47 PM]
Woo used to have similar prices and then upped them a couple years ago. They said their support costs were too high. Maybe.

nomad411 [2:48 PM]
The interesting plugins, like bookings, etc. Sooo bad, and also so expensive.

nomad411 [2:48 PM]
but anyway. PMPro rocks :simple_smile:

jasoncoleman [2:48 PM]

jasoncoleman [2:48 PM]
And now I’m off to fix a bunch of bugs. :simple_smile:

aurorawdc [2:48 PM]
to make it rock even more :simple_smile:

nomad411 [2:49 PM]
And me backing up and upgrading my VPS thanks to Venom

jasoncoleman [2:50 PM]
Last comment on addons and things… One of my goals for these dev chats is to start relationships to eventually share responsibility for maintaining addons and also share the custom development leads that come into our site.

jasoncoleman [2:50 PM]
We can’t do it alone.

jasoncoleman [2:50 PM]
Thanks everyone. Have good weekends.

nomad411 [2:50 PM]
Community building is a great way to go, I’m glad

reportica [2:50 PM]
thank you

nomad411 [2:50 PM]
Same to you all

aurorawdc [2:51 PM]
Thank you, you too, and everyone else. Happy Friday! See you next time

tubiz [2:51 PM]
You too Jason. Will start contributing back to PMP on Github.

messica [2:51 PM]
have a great weekend everyone!

jasoncoleman [2:51 PM]
@tubiz: Excellent

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i missed this chat πŸ™
Can you tell me how to make a dropdown list in registration form to set the role of the user…… i searched it on internet but couldn’t find any proper solution. i will be very thankful to you/anyone if you/anyone helped me resolving this issue . thanks

We can help you with this in the member forums. Link back to your comment and mention that I said we would write up the example for you. If you include your roles/etc in the question, we can give you exactly what you need.

Wow, great chat. Sorry I missed it. The idea for videos on problem solving or adding/tweaking code is brilliant. Such an archive, indexed with key words, would be a huge boon to all of us, especially non-IT people like me.

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