Below is an archive of the first Paid Memberships Pro developer chat. It went really well. We realized that this was a useful thing to do, agreed to do it every week or every other week, talked through the latest in PMPro including how we are planning to approach multiple membership levels per user, and generally had a good time. Join us in the future. I will announce the date and time on the blog here.

(2:00:37 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: My clock says 2pm. So I’ll get started.
(2:00:45 PM) ScottSousa: Sweet!
(2:00:54 PM) thoughtpuzzle: Ready, Set, Go!
(2:00:58 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: I’ll paste in a little outline here and then we everyone can chat out their name, what they do or want to do with PMPro, and where they are from, etc.
(2:01:36 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: 1. 1.7.5 Review2. Addon Updates3. New Addons4. Other News5. Future Development (Multiple membership levels per user)
(2:01:48 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: spacing now so great there
(2:01:52 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: 1. 1.7.5 Review
(2:01:52 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: 2. Addon Updates
(2:01:52 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: 3. New Addons
(2:01:52 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: 4. Other News
(2:01:52 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: 5. Future Development (Multiple membership levels per user)
(2:02:45 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: So that’s the general outline, we’ll spend a few minutes on each, take some questions, have some discussion if it comes up. I may stop a current line of discussion and table it, and we can “take it offline” etc.
(2:02:49 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Just want to make sure I hit everything.
(2:03:26 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: I’m Jason Coleman, the lead developer of Paid Memberships Pro. Co-author of the “Building Web Apps for WordPress” book for O’Reilly that is almost almost done. 🙂
(2:03:44 PM) topher1kenobe: Are there other devs on this plugin?
(2:03:46 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: If everyone here can quickly introduce yourselves for my records that would be great!
(2:03:51 PM) ScottSousa: I’m Scott and I work for Slocum Studio, which is how I am connected to Jason and PMPro. I have been helping Jason with support (and some development) for a few months now.
(2:04:02 PM) Jim_: Jim Morrison, Raleigh, NC, DeLime Website Services, WordPress developer
(2:04:06 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: ScottSousa here helps out with support and has made a few updates to the plugin.
(2:04:10 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: There are a few others.
(2:04:36 PM) topher1kenobe: I’m Topher, I’m in Grand Rapids and I work for X-Team by day, trying to stop freelancing at night
(2:04:45 PM) ScottSousa: lol
(2:04:47 PM) thoughtpuzzle: Chris, ThoughtPuzzle founder & WP fan – we use it now to run & are using PMpro to migrate our courses off of Udemy to
(2:05:01 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: But, Topher, 99% of the work has been through Stranger Studios to date, which is part of the motivation for these chats. My goal is really for the plugin to be a “community solution”.
(2:05:08 PM) jds580s: Justin from Kansas City, I’m just getting into a site with PMP and looking to make some code modifications
(2:06:02 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Thanks, Jim, Chris, Justin.
(2:06:40 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Anyone else?
(2:06:51 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: RE the 1.7.5 update, it just went out this morning:
(2:07:03 PM) ScottSousa: Cool!
(2:07:08 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: This one has taken a while, mostly because we’ve been swamped with support and “do it for me” projects.
(2:07:42 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: But it includes the 2Checkout integration (which ScottSousa here built) and support for WPML, a plugin for having a WP site with multiple languages.
(2:07:51 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Cool stuff.
(2:08:04 PM) thoughtpuzzle: loving the WPML integration
(2:08:13 PM) tempguest1 [817b7a77@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(2:08:16 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Good. If you set it up, let me know how it goes.
(2:08:27 PM) thoughtpuzzle: roger/wilco
(2:08:30 PM) Jkeefer [484e6bd4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(2:08:30 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: We’re setting it up for a couple people and seems pretty straightforward after the changes we made, but any feedback is appreciated.
(2:09:12 PM) ScottSousa: Me too, I think it’s cool to be able to have different pages in different languages, supporting a broader customer base
(2:09:44 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Yes. I also createa script to make it easier for me to generate the pmpro.pot template file after each update. This is the file used by the people translating the plugin.
(2:10:06 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: I should be getting updates to the Spanish and French translations in there. And should be getting a German one soon.
(2:10:26 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: If no questions or thoughts on the update, I will move along. 2. Som Addon Updates
(2:10:40 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: PMPro Affiliates now has CSV export and frontend reports for affiliates.
(2:11:09 PM) thoughtpuzzle: +1
(2:11:14 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: So is our lightweight affiliate solution. Currently meant for people with a few number of affiliates who want to manually control things.
(2:11:31 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: I am using it for the affiliate program at which were just testing now.
(2:11:42 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Paid our first affiliate check this month. (Matt you need to work on updating your URLs 🙂
(2:12:14 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: But we are overworked with the current level of support and custom work we are doing so don’t plan on expanding the affiliate program until we hire 1-2 developers.
(2:12:40 PM) topher1kenobe: What’s the affiliate program?
(2:12:41 PM) topher1kenobe: Url is fine
(2:12:51 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: The one for PaidMembershipsPro?
(2:13:02 PM) topher1kenobe: I guess. 🙂
(2:13:04 PM) ScottSousa: So @JasonColeman-PMP when you say small amount, what # are you referring to? Or is it just because it’s untested with a large amount at this point?
(2:13:37 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: with PMPro-Affiliate you have to manually add each affiliate and you have to manually pay them
(2:13:51 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: So that’s why I say small amount, otherwise manually doing that is a pain
(2:13:56 PM) ScottSousa: Ahh so yes it can become cumbersom with a lot of affiliates.
(2:14:00 PM) ScottSousa: cumbersome*
(2:14:14 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: the other affiliate plugins/programs we integrate with (search the blog) have forms for affiliates to sign up and integrate with PayPal/Amazon to pay out fees automatically
(2:14:43 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: For us, we’d rather have a small number of high quality affiliates then a large number of low quality, potentially spammy affiliates.
(2:15:01 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Makes sense for our product where we have to spend dev/support time for each customer.
(2:15:29 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: As we grow, I don’t see why we wouldn’t update PMPro Affiliates to include a signup form/etc. It’s an opportunity for us to build an affiliate system that is very tight with PMPro.
(2:15:35 PM) ScottSousa: Yes I agree that it’s probably better to have nice small pool of trusted affiliates for now.
(2:16:08 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Some new addons that we’ve been working on for the past month:
(2:16:09 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: ********
(2:16:12 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: shoot
(2:16:13 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: *
(2:16:13 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: *
(2:16:13 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: *
(2:16:13 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: *
(2:16:13 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: *
(2:16:13 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: *
(2:16:13 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: *
(2:16:13 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: *
(2:16:43 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Also ScottSousa was working on creating a plugin out of our tutorial for locking down bbPress. That’s pretty close, and I think I just need to go through, test it, and bundle it up.
(2:16:53 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Plan to put that one in the WP repo to make it easier for folks to integrate with bbPress.
(2:17:15 PM) ScottSousa: Yes that’s correct. It is on Github if anyone is interested in checking out the code:
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(2:17:57 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: If anyone is interested, I can give more info on the addons above. They were all used for ‘do it for me’ work. They are slightly rough now (no settings page, etc) and may change drastically. As we use them more often and refine them, we’ll smooth out the rough edges and potentially put them into the WP repo/etc.
(2:18:01 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Hello!
(2:18:24 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: *** Anyone coming in “late”, feel free to introduce yourself: Name, what you do or want to do with PMPro, and where you are from. Thanks! ***
(2:18:45 PM) jds580s: Thank you for pmpro-sponsored-members just installed that yesterday.
(2:19:02 PM) lisaleague [~lisaleagu@] entered the room.
(2:19:03 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: We also need to get these addons written up and added to our addons page and the addons tab in the plugin… etc. Promote them. But again here we’re limited by time and kind of can’t deal with the increase in signups/etc when these uses get out.
(2:19:09 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Hi, Lisa!
(2:19:15 PM) lisaleague: Hi Jason
(2:19:34 PM) thoughtpuzzle: so if we wanted to sell seats to an organization, we could create a custom membership level and give them sponsored members coupons to the registrant?
(2:19:53 PM) thoughtpuzzle: +1 on pay by check
(2:19:59 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Yes. The pmpro-sponsored-members plugin does that.
(2:20:32 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: So you add some setting code like this (won’t format well I dont think)
(2:20:32 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: $pmprosm_sponsored_account_levels = array(
(2:20:32 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: 1 => array(
(2:20:32 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: ‘main_level_id’ => 1,
(2:20:32 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: ‘sponsored_level_id’ => 2,
(2:20:32 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: ‘seats’ => 5,
(2:20:32 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: ‘seat_cost’ => 250,
(2:20:32 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: ‘max_seats’ => 10
(2:20:32 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: )
(2:20:32 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: );
(2:20:58 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: And that means that members checking out for level 1 will receive 5 “seats” to give out for level 2.
(2:20:58 PM) thoughtpuzzle: cool 🙂 is that the intended use case &/or what would the intended use case be?
(2:21:10 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: They get a “discount code” generated that they share with their sponsored accounts.
(2:21:10 PM) thoughtpuzzle: nod. I see where you’re going with the code
(2:21:29 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: the “seat_cost” and “max_seats” can be used instead of “seats” to allow people to choose how many seats they are purchasing at checkout.
(2:21:35 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: the plugin links the sponsor and sponsored accounts together.
(2:21:47 PM) Jkeefer: Hi, my name is jamie and I am using PMP to maintain user levels and subs for a directory service website running on wordpress. If I could toss a question in the mix, please let me know when is appropropriate. I was late, i apologize.
(2:21:56 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: So actually you would either seat the “seats” value there or the “seat_cost” and “max_seats” one, but not both.
(2:22:12 PM) thoughtpuzzle: ok – that capability will help with B2B sales, re: migrating away from Udemy
(2:22:18 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: NP, Hi Jamie. Ask away and we can get to it.
(2:22:39 PM) lisaleague: Hi Jamie, same here. So Jason, How are you coming along on the multiple memberships option?
(2:22:50 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Yes. Use case is often a business has one person with the credit card pay for it and hand out of the codes to the employees who will really use the account.
(2:23:15 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: I want to talk a lot about multiple membership levels. We’ll get through a few more things and then focus on that.
(2:23:24 PM) lisaleague: K
(2:23:40 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: In short, we have a good idea of what we’ll be doing. Want to share that with everyone. Need to do it then obviously.
(2:23:41 PM) thoughtpuzzle: thx – got it – g2g
(2:24:20 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Also, RE multiple membership levels now, we’re going to do it as part of a PMPro 2.0 release, and include a lot of things… potentially breaking customizations or backwards compatibility or otherwise requiring a bit more of an update.
(2:24:25 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: But we’ll talk about all that.
(2:24:30 PM) Jkeefer: I have used your software with other sites I developed so i prefer it for maintaining memberships, however I am seeking a solution for allowing certain paid members to add listings (in teh form of a page) to the directory site. is there a recommended plugin or is there a way to implement with PMP with some user definitiona based on membership level?
(2:24:56 PM) lisaleague: what customizations would it break?
(2:25:27 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Jamie, the PMPro Register Help plugin is good for those kinds of sites where 1 user = 1 listing.
(2:25:51 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: You can add fields to checkout and there is a “module” in there for a searchable directory and frontend profile pages:
(2:26:20 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: If you need users to be able to add multiple listings, then you’d need to either use a custom post type or one of the “listings” themes/plugins. I don’t have a recommendation for those.
(2:26:23 PM) Jkeefer: Thank you Jason, I’ll take a look. Where do i send my check 🙂
(2:26:24 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: We’ve helped people use a few.
(2:26:36 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: It’s kind of simple to connect PMPro with them. The hard part is getting all of the listing stuff working.
(2:26:39 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Awesome.
(2:26:50 PM) ScottSousa: @Jamie You may also want to check out the PMPro Pages Addon as it may help as well:
(2:27:11 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Lisa, we don’t know which customizations might break, but I’ve been making note of which parts of the core code and customizations/addons/etc make the assumption of 1 level = 1 user, and it’s pretty much everywhere.
(2:27:30 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: So we’ll do our best to not break stuff obviously, but multiple membership levels is a big enough feature in terms of people wanting it that it’s kind of worth it.
(2:27:34 PM) lisaleague: Ok, do you have an ETA?
(2:27:51 PM) lisaleague: I’m ready for now:)
(2:27:53 PM) thoughtpuzzle: can we setup pmpro where one membership level is tied to say the subscriber role and another membership level is tied to some other role, be it a default user role or one we create via the user role editor, where combined with the CaPa plugin, some members can have edit privileges – or would bbpress be a simpler solution when we want some subscribes to add multiple page(s) / post(s)
(2:27:54 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: I know.
(2:28:00 PM) jds580s: one request for a future version of sponsored-members would be to include the the discount code in the confirmation email to the member in addition to showing it on the checkout page
(2:28:06 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: I wanted to get it out by end of year, but that’s not really realistic with how much work it is.
(2:28:15 PM) lisaleague: I launch either December or hold till early January
(2:28:19 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: I think we’ll have a working dev version in mid Jan, with a release sometime in Feb.
(2:28:34 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Good idea.
(2:28:37 PM) lisaleague: Then I’ll have to hold till fall
(2:28:39 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Good idea RE code in email.
(2:28:51 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: I think we actually just did that for someone and I can add that code into the main plugin
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(2:29:11 PM) tempguest1: love the name StrangerStudios. If you don’t mind sharing, what’s the story behind the name?
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(2:29:46 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: thoughtpuzzle: Here is a recipe (members only) showing how to link a membership level to a user role:
(2:29:52 PM) lisaleague: Unless we could set a date to beta the dev version
(2:30:08 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: ha. I came up with the name in College when i thought I’d be programming video games.
(2:30:17 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: took on web development clients under that name and it stuck.
(2:30:26 PM) lisaleague: interesting…
(2:30:32 PM) tempguest1: nice
(2:30:35 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Lisa, when do you do your renewal?
(2:30:40 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: We should beta with you if we can.
(2:30:53 PM) thoughtpuzzle: @JasonColeman – guess that means we’ll upgrade to pro level so we can use that recipe 🙂
(2:30:56 PM) lisaleague: We need to start no later than mid January and that’s pushing it
(2:30:58 PM) ScottSousa: @ JasonColeman-PMP didn’t know that lol.
(2:31:06 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: thoughtpuzzle: score! thanks.
(2:31:17 PM) thoughtpuzzle: #upsell
(2:31:22 PM) Jkeefer: thank you jason for the suggestions, have to get back to work :p Farewell all
(2:31:23 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: here’s the cheat version actually:
(2:31:29 PM) thoughtpuzzle: #alwaysbeclosing
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(2:31:33 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: But if you purchase a membership, it is appreciated.
(2:31:38 PM) lisaleague: It would help a lot not to have to do a zillion packages
(2:31:41 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: (I need to work on upselling vs downselling people. 🙂
(2:32:00 PM) thoughtpuzzle: thx & understood – #threadclosed
(2:32:06 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: It’s tough with the holidays. We can see where we are at 1st week of Jan.
(2:32:30 PM) lisaleague: I can bet conversions would go way up because of less choices
(2:32:43 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: So, let’s dig into multiple membership levels a bit actually. First 2 news points.
(2:33:07 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: 1. PMPro is growing like gangbusters. Lots of downloads, sales, custom work… more people transitioning from other plugins, bizdev, etc, etc.
(2:33:12 PM) lisaleague: I can always get people to “reserve” a spot
(2:33:35 PM) ScottSousa: Good to hear!
(2:33:38 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: 2. We’re hiring. So please reach out through the contact page if you are interested in that. We need programmers essentially, but I’m willing to teach you the specifics if you enjoy programming already.
(2:33:40 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: okay, ad done.
(2:33:43 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: thanks!
(2:34:18 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Lisa, can you explain, if users could have multiple membership levels, how it would work on your site.
(2:34:24 PM) lisaleague: I put the word out to someone I know, already got scooped up I think, I’ll follow up
(2:34:24 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: We can use it as an example to run through the process.
(2:34:28 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: And I can share some of our thinking to date.
(2:34:39 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Thanks, Lisa.
(2:35:07 PM) Guest76837: great!
(2:35:07 PM) lisaleague: Ok, they buy one level and like it, and then buy the over two – last time they did that and did not realize they had to buy a package first
(2:35:25 PM) lisaleague: They had inadvertently changed their level
(2:35:31 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Each level is a “course” of some sort?
(2:35:38 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Training for a test right?
(2:35:39 PM) lisaleague: I had to get on the phone and do paypal for the difference
(2:35:52 PM) lisaleague: so if they can just buy additional levels it would help alot
(2:35:58 PM) lisaleague: yep
(2:36:15 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Do you mind sharing your site with the chatroom? To help them follow along.
(2:36:16 PM) lisaleague: so this time at least there are only 3 tests not 5
(2:36:30 PM) lisaleague: #paidmembershipspro
(2:36:37 PM) lisaleague: #paidmembershipspro
(2:36:41 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Okay. The work around we always suggest is charge something like $200 per level and have fourth level for all of them at $500 or something
(2:36:46 PM) lisaleague:
(2:36:51 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: but then people can’t buy level 1 and 2 for $400 and it’s confusing like you said.
(2:37:11 PM) mammoth [459e552a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(2:37:22 PM) lisaleague: I did packages last time, but it meant I had to have more offerings and people got confused as to what to buy
(2:37:29 PM) lisaleague: a confused mind says no
(2:37:30 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: So that is pretty much the specific usecase that we want to enable. Someone can buy level 1 for $200, then addon level 2 for $200 and have both levels/access at the same time, paying $400 total.
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(2:37:59 PM) lisaleague: i’ve pulled a lot off now, but it would still have to be a number of packages
(2:38:14 PM) lisaleague: I’d just rather do all ala carte
(2:38:17 PM) mammoth: Hi there, One thing that would be really awesome is if we could have randomly generated discount codes
(2:38:26 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Are your levels one time payment or do they have a recurring component?
(2:38:33 PM) lisaleague: 1 time payment
(2:38:34 PM) thoughtpuzzle: similar use case – we want to allow people to buy multiple courses individually OR a monthly subscription for all – ideally we want to be able to specify if a given membership level replaces 1 or more other levels
(2:38:51 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Mammoth, how so? When you add a discount code in PMPro now it randomly generates a code.
(2:39:10 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: thoughtpuzzle: that’s how we envision doing it.
(2:39:14 PM) thoughtpuzzle: right now it’s a hack – buy this course, that course or both courses, and so on
(2:39:24 PM) thoughtpuzzle: #good2hear
(2:39:34 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: so (1) there would be some kind of option that would need to be checked, otherwise membership levels would work how they do now (i.e. checkout for one and your old ones are cancelled)
(2:39:50 PM) lisaleague: yep, that was a problem for me last time
(2:39:58 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: but if you check that box then you can set “Which other levels should be cancelled when a user is given this level?”
(2:40:06 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: if you set none, they would get multiple levels per user
(2:40:11 PM) mammoth: What I mean is that you could generate 1000 codes that would work. This would make it possible to go to bigger outlets and sell as places like living social and other retail outlets want generated coupons.
(2:40:15 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: or you can set the related levels that are in that upgrade/downgrade group basically.
(2:40:24 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: so hopefully you’all can imagine that UI on the edit levels page.
(2:40:51 PM) thoughtpuzzle: yes – would need to check which level(s) a new level replaces, and leave others untouched. For instance, person could subscribe to all courses in our search track, and only two courses in our entrepreneurship track
(2:40:55 PM) lisaleague: so if you set to none, they keep the existing level + get the new one?
(2:41:02 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: lisa, yes.
(2:41:07 PM) lisaleague: that would be perfect!
(2:41:27 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: And you could still have an “everything!” level at a discount that would cancel their individual accounts.
(2:41:33 PM) thoughtpuzzle: or ideally, they could buy a monthly level membership – each month they get one new course, but it’s random – kinda like those monthly book subscriptions
(2:41:52 PM) thoughtpuzzle: yes, the #bringallthethings option is a must
(2:41:56 PM) Jim_: @lisa…..why not use the by the page purchase. It is what I am doing for a teaching site and works nicely.
(2:42:03 PM) lisaleague: #2 Could they add 2 levels to a cart at once?
(2:42:06 PM) nozzljohn [d047c875@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(2:42:09 PM) ScottSousa: @mammoth PMPro already does generate random discount codes using the following function:
(2:42:22 PM) lisaleague: Because it’s a lot more than just a page – it’s a whole course
(2:42:23 PM) ScottSousa: So there could be 1000 working discount codes.
(2:42:32 PM) lisaleague: using WPCourseware also
(2:42:41 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: So I think initially we won’t be able to buy > 1 level at a time (without some customizations)
(2:42:45 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: i.e. no shopping cart yet.
(2:43:04 PM) thoughtpuzzle: @Jim_ – can you share your site?
(2:43:10 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: it adds a lot of complexity to it, and I’d like to limit what we’re doing on the first release, but that is an obvious update to make (buying more than one level at a time)
(2:43:11 PM) Jim_: So if buying a “page” got you all the subpages, that would work?
(2:43:43 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Ah mammoth, if you are a member, you can post that to the support forums.
(2:43:53 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: A few people are asking RE a script to generate 1000 codes at once (for Group deals, etc)
(2:43:57 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: I can code that up for you.
(2:44:12 PM) thoughtpuzzle: any way to perhaps use a shopping cart plugin &/or set up a cart for buying multiple levels?
(2:44:18 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: would loop through that function that scott linked to if you wanted to do it yourself, but you’d have to insert the code int he DB as well.
(2:44:23 PM) Jim_: @thoughtpuzzle – sorry I can not it is password protected by client request at this time.
(2:44:46 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: thoughtpuzzle: maybe, we have some pretty cool integration with Woo-Commerce now:
(2:44:54 PM) thoughtpuzzle: @jim_ – as an interim, yes, the subpages would work – almost sent that as question to jason last week – did you get that hack to work?
(2:45:05 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: If you buy a product, it gives you a level. This would probably “just work” once the multiple membership levels stuff was in place.
(2:45:20 PM) lisaleague: hmm
(2:45:34 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: That’s another valid work around for multiple membership levels, using the pmpro-addon-packages plugin to sell individual pages.
(2:45:35 PM) ScottSousa: @ JasonColeman-PMP I can see now how that would be a good idea, and then somehow even attach data to those codes programatically (levels, prices, etc…). Could either be an elaborate script or a simple one to just get the codes into the DB.
(2:45:43 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: can only be one time fees (okay for lisa) and will only lock down that one page.
(2:45:58 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: but you can use the custom check in code (if Jason has access to this page, give him access to this other thing)
(2:45:59 PM) Jim_: @thoughtpuzzle – No..just an idea. The courses we are selling are all on a single page with a series of videos.
(2:46:05 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: and can basically upload files to that page, etc.
(2:46:07 PM) lisaleague: I thought about the add on packages last year, but can’t see how to condense to a page
(2:46:29 PM) thoughtpuzzle: @jason – yeah, was thinking maybe you could save some coding by just supporting the multiple levels capability while leaving the checkout of multiple levels simultaneously to cart plugin, at least for now
(2:46:34 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Yeah, I want to update the PMPro-WooCommerce plugin so you can set a “member price” and set the “level” in the WooCommerce UI instead of code.
(2:46:53 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Could do that. Programming a cart is tough and adds a new “thing” to PMPro.
(2:47:09 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Allowing multiple membership levels per user is tough enough. It’s the kind of thing that sounds easy, but is actually a huge overhaul.
(2:47:24 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: At many many points, there is code like “get me this users level”, which assumes one level is coming back.
(2:47:35 PM) thoughtpuzzle: @jim – yeah, that would be an interesting option for now – especially with some ajax might be able to do something interesting with single page, at least if just videos – might get tricky integrating exams from say watupro on single page simultaneosuly
(2:47:38 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: So the code and the UI and everything else needs to be updated to handle having > 1 levels.
(2:47:54 PM) lisaleague: unless a membership is basically a product and the whole thing is like a shopping cart to begin with – changes the whole thing
(2:48:17 PM) Guest76837: My question is: Can a user at signup be able to purchase more than one level at different price points and requirring times? for example level 1 for $200 one-time, and level 2 for $50 monthly? and is able to change, update, and purchase more levels at a later times?
(2:49:31 PM) thoughtpuzzle: would it be possible to have a single filter privilege function, that simply checks if user has access by category or post or page, and simply loops through their membership levels and returns a bool – and then not change all the code, just replace the access control check code?
(2:49:32 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Hi, Guest. So what I envision is a user would checkout for level 1, $200 one-time.
(2:49:36 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: 1 CC transaction.
(2:49:48 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Then they would have to checkout for level 2, $50/mo, which would be a separate CC transaction.
(2:49:56 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: their account page would show “Your Levels” with info on each.
(2:50:16 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: And the pmpro_hasMembershipLevel() function/etc all check, would say yes that that user has level 1 and 2.
(2:50:18 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: make sense?
(2:50:26 PM) nozzljohn: Precisely. That would be a good direction.
(2:50:34 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: To checkout for both at the same time is tricky and what we would be putting off.
(2:50:38 PM) lisaleague: I would think many buyers would purchase like that anyway, try one before buying a monthly
(2:50:51 PM) nozzljohn: Agreed.
(2:50:51 PM) jds580s: Is there a best practices way to offer a subscription at a monthly rate, but also offer the same annually? Is it best to set these up as two different subscriptions to the same content or are there alternatives?
(2:51:01 PM) Guest76837: It does makes sense, I would settle for that, thanks!
(2:51:08 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: as far as I know there isn’t any ecommerce software that can create two recurring subscriptions at the same time, etc. (doable) or we might want to combine the subscriptions into one, but I think we plan on keeping them separate.
(2:51:15 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Hi, John!
(2:51:49 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: jds, RE that you can offer 2 levels, each set up with the payment scale you want.
(2:52:10 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: jds, and make sure that both levels have access to the same things. Nice because your members list will separate them and your reports, etc.
(2:52:15 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: so you can tell which type is doing better.
(2:52:31 PM) jds580s: That makes perfect sense. Thanks!
(2:52:42 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: On the other hand, if it would be a hassel to have things setup that way, and easier if a Member was a member, etc. Then you can use code to add a dropdown/radio to checkout to choose payment plan and change it on the fly.
(2:52:43 PM) lisaleague: then you can determine whether to sell monthly or annual
(2:52:54 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Takes custom code and isn’t as easy to change pricing/etc, but we do that for folks all the time.
(2:53:05 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: don’t think we have a tutorial on the site, but it’s all about the pmpro_checkout_level filter.
(2:53:13 PM) nozzljohn: Hi Jason. The possibility of more than one level per subscriber is very attractive. And I do not see any necessity to make that choice in a single signup … the ability to ADD a level without removing the previous one would be perfect for my model.
(2:53:18 PM) mammoth: Hi guys, I have made a forum post. What would be awesome if the random codes were easilly generateable as in a button and an export to CSV.
(2:53:25 PM) lisaleague: yep
(2:53:38 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: mammoth, we’ll get to that later today. thanks!
(2:53:52 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: should be able to do it just like you want
(2:54:07 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Chat is heated, so please let me know if I missed any questions, etc
(2:54:26 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: >> would it be possible to have a single filter privilege function, that simply checks if user has access by category or post or page, and simply loops through their membership levels and returns a bool – and then not change all the code, just replace the access control check code?
(2:54:40 PM) Jim_: Thanks Jason and all…gotta drop off. Very interesting and I look forward to future chats.
(2:54:40 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: kind of.
(2:54:42 PM) lisaleague: I’m chomping at the bit for the multiple memberships:)
(2:54:47 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: okay, thanks!
(2:54:50 PM) ScottSousa: Have a good one Jim_
(2:55:18 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: most things RE checking membership flows through 2 functions pmpro_hasMembershipLevel() and pmpro_has_membership_access()
(2:55:33 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: so we can update those in one place and it kind of fixes a lot of the checking level stuff.
(2:55:38 PM) mammoth: Thanks guys. I just want to thank you for making such a good product!
(2:55:51 PM) nozzljohn: Ditto!
(2:55:54 PM) lisaleague: I keep recommending
(2:55:58 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: tougher is some other places that get your current level, or last order, etc, which would need to be udpated.
(2:56:04 PM) thoughtpuzzle: & great support!
(2:56:06 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Thanks!
(2:56:08 PM) lisaleague: yep!
(2:56:27 PM) jds580s: So what are your thoughts on these these IRC dev chats. Are they going to become a regular thing or is this a one-off?
(2:56:30 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Hey, before you sign off everyone, if you could let me know which days/times generally work best for this chat, thanks.
(2:56:38 PM) thoughtpuzzle: nod, re: pmpro_hasMembershipLevel()
(2:56:40 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: I want them to be at least every other week or weekly.
(2:56:55 PM) Guest76837: agreed!
(2:56:56 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: like I said, ideally 1 year from now I am not the main dev and there are tons of people involved. this is the start of that.
(2:57:08 PM) lisaleague: you should probably rotate the time to catch different folks
(2:57:13 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: And it will help me stay in touch with you’all outside of the support forums.
(2:57:18 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: good idea, lisa.
(2:57:24 PM) Guest76837: When is the multiple membership going to be available
(2:57:34 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Plan is to have a working dev in January and release in February
(2:57:36 PM) thoughtpuzzle: every other week plenty for us – especially if that means multiple members gets dev’d faster 🙂
(2:57:43 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: 🙂
(2:57:53 PM) lisaleague: that’s good
(2:58:05 PM) nozzljohn: this time of day is goo, I think — 2pm EST; 11 am PST
(2:58:17 PM) jds580s: Weekdays work well. Today’s was nicely timed.
(2:58:22 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: awesome.
(2:58:25 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: this works well for me too
(2:58:35 PM) lisaleague: I’m online all hours:)
(2:58:35 PM) ScottSousa: Dev chat is a neat idea. I agree with both @ nozzljohn and @ lisaleague for having it around 2PM EST and on random weekdays
(2:58:37 PM) thoughtpuzzle: timing fine – good thing right after lunch
(2:58:37 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: I might make every other one late at night to catch other timezone or people with “day jobs” 🙂
(2:58:53 PM) Jim_ left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 250 seconds).
(2:58:55 PM) ScottSousa: That is a good idea as well Jason
(2:59:06 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Also, if the group is small enough, I’m open to Google+ hangouts, etc.
(2:59:11 PM) thoughtpuzzle: that too – gtg – good stuff, Jason & everyone – cheers!
(2:59:13 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: but the IRC is pretty good for archiving discussion
(2:59:15 PM) lisaleague: yep
(2:59:21 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Thanks, everyone!
(2:59:21 PM) topher1kenobe: Is this logged?
(2:59:33 PM) Guest76837: Thank you Jason & everyone!
(2:59:39 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: I am going to manually log it and potentially post it on our blog.
(2:59:40 PM) lisaleague: Thanks Jason, TTYL
(2:59:40 PM) nozzljohn: would be good to post the log in the forum …
(2:59:40 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: That okay?
(2:59:50 PM) lisaleague left the room.
(2:59:51 PM) jds580s: Thanks so much!
(2:59:52 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Forum is good option vs blog
(2:59:53 PM) topher1kenobe: That would be great
(2:59:55 PM) nozzljohn: Thanks!
(3:00:05 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Or maybe I’ll lock the blog post down, dunno
(3:00:29 PM) Guest76837 left the room.
(3:00:30 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: bye bye
(3:00:53 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: I got through everything on my agenda here. Anyone have any questions, while we’re here?
(3:01:01 PM) topher1kenobe: Jason, I’m going to post in support about my issue with multisite
(3:01:05 PM) topher1kenobe: unless you want to chat in here
(3:01:07 PM) JasonColeman-PMP: Yes, please do.
(3:01:10 PM) ScottSousa: I’m good. The future of PMPro looks bright! 😛

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