Include Current Free Members With a Past Paid Level in the Filtered Members List View

When a member cancels or expires, they are shown on the Members List when filtering by Cancelled, Expired, or Old Members. Some membership sites, though, are set up to downgrade paid members to a free level on cancellation or expiration. For these sites, members with a previous paid level are not considered old, cancelled, or expired anymore.

Admins may still want to see those users on the “Old Members” list, highlighting the members for a win-back campaign to resubscribe to a paid membership. This code does that.

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How to Set up a Membership Site for Free Members Only

Looking to grow your membership website? If you already own and operate a premium membership website, you might be missing out on an entire additional pool of potential users: free members.

It may sound counterintuitive, but content for free members helps to create a customer acquisition model that converts, attracts, and retains more paying users in the long run.

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Continue reading to learn how building a free membership site with Paid Memberships Pro can help you successfully grow your business.

Four Strategies to Improve Member Retention

The number one question I hear from membership sites that are already bringing in members and revenue is: “How do I keep my members coming back, month after month, and year after year.” In this guide, I share the top four strategies for improving member retention. With very little effort, anyone who manages a subscription or member-supported online business can launch these strategies and start tackling churn.

Strategies to Improve Member Retention Guide
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Adjust the WordPress User’s Default Display Name Using the Force First Last Plugin

For most WordPress sites, the user’s display name is set to their chosen username. We created the Force First Last plugin to help site owners control the format of the default WordPress User’s display name. This guide demonstrates a few methods to change the display name using ffl_display_name_order filter in this plugin.

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Are You Looking for Association Management Software?

Today, more and more associations are moving member management to an online platform. They want to accept digital payments and provide enhanced member benefits like online events, articles, courses, and more. To achieve these goals, associations should consider using Association Management Software (AMS).

This article will explore the benefits of AMS, how AMS differs from CRM tools, and the key features of a powerful AMS.

Membership Website SEO: The Basics & Beyond

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art and science of getting a website to show up in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, without paying for ads. If you want to increase free organic traffic to your membership site, then read on to find out how to optimize your content for search engines.

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Going Digital: How the Mail & Guardian Modernized Their Subscription Model With PMPro

Like the printing press, the telegraph, television, and every form of media that came before, the internet has revolutionized the way we access and share information. 

Increasingly, consumers are getting their news online. For news outlets around the world, this has led to the rising popularity of online editions. Subscription models have gone beyond print-only into the realm of digital-only — and, as print-only circulation is dropping, digital is only continuing to grow.

The Mail & Guardian (M&G), a South African weekly newspaper, has been no exception to this cultural shift. Learn how this news organization was able to make a successful digital transition after initially struggling to pivot its subscription strategy.

Creating a Subscription-Based Website: How Fleischer Tour Fit Leveraged PMPro

For small-business owners building their online presence from the ground up, creating a successful eCommerce platform out of an otherwise blank webpage can feel daunting.

WordPress helps simplify this process with dozens of free and customizable themes and plugins to quickly get a website up and running. However, one of the biggest challenges for small companies, after they first build their page is finding the right combination of tools that will help transform a simple website into a profitable business venture.

Learn how accomplished golfer and instructor Jennifer Fleischer successfully took her training services online using Stranger Studio’s WordPress plugin, Paid Memberships Pro.

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Gold Country Yoga Finds Membership Website Development Success With PMPro

When COVID-19 first reached the U.S., businesses both large and small were forced to entirely reevaluate the way they operated.

People had to get creative when it came to transforming their in-person businesses into entirely digital experiences. For small-business owners, failing to innovate and adapt to a now-virtual world meant risking having to permanently close their doors. Gold Country Yoga, a studio located in the small city of East Sonora, California, was no exception. However, husband and wife team Mark Holmes and Ellen Cremer rose to the challenge. 

By joining together their unique professional backgrounds and Stranger Studios’ plugin, Paid Memberships Pro, Mark and Ellen were able to reinvent a physical yoga studio as a successful online business.

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