Across the globe, businesses are busy preparing for the upcoming shopping holidays. A crucial part of that preparation is building Black Friday Landing pages to showcase Black Friday deals. 

The truth is, Black Friday represents a great opportunity for any business. Just in 2020, Black Friday recorded $9 billion in revenue, and here, at Paid Memberships Pro, we saw a 20-30% increase in our November revenue after releasing our Black Friday deals page. 

Paid Memberships Pro Black Friday Landing Page
The landing page we used for Black Friday 2020 

With that in mind, you may be wondering whether it’s worth building a landing page of your own.

To help you determine what’s best for you and your business, we’ll go over what you must know about landing pages and why companies choose to spend time and effort designing Black Friday landing pages. 

We’ll also explore what features make landing pages irresistible for customers and when it’s desirable or even necessary to set up a landing page.

Should You Create a Black Friday Landing Page

Landing Page 101

Landing pages are standalone webpages on a website that serve a specific purpose. As their name suggests, visitors directly reach (land on) them through organic search, marketing emails, social media posts, or paid advertisement. 

Online stores create landing pages with various goals in mind – lead generation, sales, and brand awareness. 

Black Friday landing pages are designed with:

  • A focus on a single product, sale, or discount.
  • Clutter-free design and a compelling call to action (CTA).
  • Emphasis on Black Friday deals and their value.
Example of a Sales Landing Page Template From Sitewide Sales WordPress Plugin 

Difference Between a Landing Page and a Home Page

If you already have an excellent home page, do you need one or more landing pages? 

While it’s true that businesses often showcase holiday promotions on their home page, it may not be effective.

After all, home pages and landing pages serve different purposes. Home pages help visitors understand the brand and its products. Landing pages focus on lead conversion. 

The average conversion rate of ecommerce websites is only 2.86% while landing pages offer a conversion rate of 2.4% to 9.8%. 

Home and landing pages also differ in their on-page elements. Home pages are optimized to give your visitor a great first impression. Landing pages will draw your customers’ attention to specific deals. 

Comparison of home page and landing page 

Reasons to Use Landing Page on Black Friday

Now that you know how landing and home pages differ in function, you may be more inclined to design a landing page for Black Friday. 

Let’s explore the advantages of landing pages for the shopping holidays further. 

They Focus Entirely on Conversion

Landing pages are great for converting your leads into customers. Black Friday landing page designs include various components that persuade the customer to make the purchase.

These include:

  • A single product/service in focus.
  • A prominent CTA button.
  • A countdown timer.

They May Make Your Digital Marketing Efforts More Profitable 

If you think Black Friday campaigns cost a lot of money, you aren’t alone. In 2020 November, businesses spent 2-3 times more on digital ads than their monthly average. 

Landing pages help you make most of these marketing campaigns. They ensure return on investment for your marketing cost. For example, Adorama, a photography equipment vendor, increased conversion rates by directing marketing emails to personalized landing pages. 

They Help Monitor Sales

Due to having minimal navigation and clutter, Black Friday landing pages help you capture accurate sales data

You can use landing pages to capture data such as:

  • Number of visitors.
  • Number of checkouts using a coupon code. 
  • Categorized revenue – renewal income and new sales income.

Sales data is crucial for optimizing your future Black Friday sales. You’ll get tons of valuable data from analyzing your Black Friday landing pages. 

Therefore, it’s a good idea to use tools to make data collection easier. For example, the excellent reporting tool from PMPro’s Sitewide Sales Plugin. 

While the benefits of landing pages are clear, setting them up may not always be in your best interest. Let’s look at a few cases where you want to prioritize other items over landing pages. 

Scenarios When a Landing Page May Not Be Practical or Feasible

Landing pages are great, and if you use them correctly, they will help you increase your revenue. However, they aren’t the most crucial aspect of a Black Friday promotion.

In the weeks leading up to Black Friday, you’ll need to plan the event systematically. In that sense, you should prioritize the following before creating a landing page:

  • Designing great deals and discounts.
  • Optimizing the home page and product pages.
  • Creating compelling onsite content like blogs and banners.

If you have just enough time to do the above, it’s better to put together a great set of deals and marketing campaigns rather than worrying about a landing page. 

Budget constraints might be another reason you might need to omit landing pages. It’s better to invest your money in setting up awesome deals. End of the day, that’s what the customers want. 

Lastly, landing pages may not work if you have too many deals. Cramming a landing page with all your discounted products isn’t a good idea. Instead, invest in optimizing your product pages. 

Landing page alternatives 

  • Display Black Friday banners across your website. With the Sitewide Sales plugin, you can easily create sales banners for your website.
  • Create an overlay on the home page.
  • Tweak your membership plans page, highlighting the Black Friday deals.

Still, many businesses consider landing pages a critical marketing tool. If you have budget or time constraints, let tools empower you. Many WordPress sales plugins have landing page builder Add Ons. 

You could also try ready-to-use templates. For example, the Sitewide Sales plugin offers several landing page templates. Using them, you can create a landing page with just a few clicks

Features of an Amazing Black Friday Landing Page

The effort you put into creating a landing page will be worthwhile only if it turns out great. For that, you need to know the features of a kick-ass landing page. 

The best Black Friday landing pages often have one or more of the following characteristics: 

A Great Landing Page Conveys a Clear Message

Great landing pages cut out all unnecessary information to avoid clutter and confusion. Instead, they highlight the product, deals, and its value. That is especially beneficial for first-time visitors to your website. 

The page should introduce the main product through a crisp product description. It should also emphasize the Black Friday deal or the discount. That way, customers will get a quick idea of how much money they can save. 

Landing pages on membership websites state the terms and duration of the subscription.  

A Good Landing Page Clearly States What the Product Is

It Focuses On a Single Product or Subscription

During Black Friday, customers are in a hurry. They don’t have time to navigate through complex webpages. That’s why good landing pages concentrate on a limited number of products or subscriptions (many times just one). 

Too much information or too many deals on a landing page can distract customers, so they may end up not purchasing anything. 

Businesses also place the deal prominently on the webpage, often above the fold, so that the customers don’t have to scroll. 

To boost conversion rates, businesses design landing pages to have:

  • No or minimal outgoing links.
  • A concise product description.
  • A prominent CTA button.

If you still want to give detailed information about your product or membership, consider dynamic landing pages which expand as the user clicks on them. 

A Good Landing Page Clearly Conveys the Product and Discount Information

It Excels at Conveying a Sense of Urgency

Top-notch landing pages tell customers they have limited time to grab the deals. Businesses put a lot of effort into their Black Friday landing page design to create a sense of urgency.

There are multiple ways a landing page urges the customers to close the deal quickly:

  • A countdown timer for deals.
  • Flash sales with limited-time deals. 
  • Website copy that uses words like “limited,” “hurry,” and “before you miss.” 
  • Images that convey urgency. For example, an almost empty hourglass.

See the examples below. 

A Sitewide Sales Landing Page Template With a Countdown Timer Creates a Sense of Urgency

The above example uses a timer to urge buyers, and the example below uses compelling, urgent copy to get visitors to buy.  

A Sitewide Sales Landing Page With a Website Copy That Creates a Sense Of Urgency

An Effective Landing Page Has a Prominent CTA Button

The key function of a landing page is to facilitate sales. Customers who arrive at a good landing page will take action within minutes. A prominent CTA button is a crucial part of a Black Friday landing page. 

Great landing pages make sure their CTA button:

  • Occupies a prominent spot on the webpage.
  • Grabs the attention of the customers in seconds.
  • Stands out with a contrasting shape, font, and color.
  • Highlights the option you want customers to choose.
A Sitewide Sales Landing Page Template With a Prominent CTA Button

It Uses The Right Images 

Images play a significant role in the efficacy of a landing page. A great landing page uses images that convey the essence of the product it offers and avoids generic images that might confuse customers. 

iPhone Landing Page That Prominently Displays the Product and CTA 

Good landing pages have images that don’t distract the users from the deals. Instead, they help draw the user’s attention to the CTA button. Images also help to tap into customers’ emotions

Black Friday landing pages and marketing campaigns go together, which is why some businesses reuse the landing page image on their ads and marketing copy. It helps the user connect the ad with the landing page. 

Trustworthy Landing Pages Always Include Social Proof

According to Contentsquare, customers only spend an average of 62 seconds on a page. That is across every industry. As such, you have only a minute, sometimes less, to make a good first impression.

A clear-cut way to get on a visitor’s good side is social proof. After all, social proof has a positive psychological effect on your customers. Seeing others have a positive experience evokes trust and motivates them to make decisions like signing up for your email list or purchasing products. 

Impressive Black Friday landing pages often use various forms of social proof. For example:

  • Customer reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Celebrity or influencer endorsements
  • Popular media mentions
  • Statistics and online reviews 

For instance, Pipedrive, a global cloud-based software company, effectively uses various social proof elements. Here’s one with customer testimonials:

Pipedrive Uses Customer Testimonials as a Form of Social Proof

Here’s another example with influencer endorsements:

Pipedrive Uses Influencer Endorsements as Social Proof

Final Thoughts: Is It Necessary to Create a Black Friday Landing Page?

Landing pages are one of the leading conversion tools during Black Friday sales. A home page is not always a substitution for a landing page.

An excellent landing page helps you improve Black Friday sales by: 

  • Keeping visitors focused on the deals.
  • Urging users to act with compelling CTAs.
  • Creating a sense of urgency.

While it’s good to have a landing page, you may not need one. However, if you choose to create a landing page, unleash its full potential by following the best design practices. 

If you are looking for a way to improve your sales by creating a landing page, check out Sitewide Sales, a complete Black Friday-Cyber Monday sales tool that works great with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and of course Paid Memberships Pro.