Customizing the Paid Memberships Pro Membership Pricing Page

Have you ever wanted to do more with your membership pricing page? Did you know you can customize this page using the tools that are already at your disposal? In this article, we will cover a few popular methods you can use to make the membership pricing page of your dreams.

Customize membership pricing page
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3 Methods to Adjust Membership Pricing Based on Payment Gateway

Depending on your membership site’s business model, you may want to charge members an additional fee based on the payment gateway. This approach can ensure that transaction fees don’t cut into profits. This article will explore three methods to adjust the membership pricing at checkout based on payment gateway.

The methods inlcude the following: Adding a Fixed Fee | Adding a Percentage % Fee | Adding a Fee by Level.

Three Methods to Adjust Membership Pricing Based on Payment Gateway

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How to use a Page Builder to create a custom Membership Level Pricing page.

The landing page for your levels is the primary place your site will attract and sell its membership products. Our plugin includes a few options to design this page, including the default membership levels page shortcode or block and the enhanced options when using the Advanced Levels Page Shortcode Add On.

What if you need more control over this page and would like to design a completely custom page for your levels? In this article, I will take you through the process of building a new membership levels page using the Elementor Page Builder, an open source plugin available in the WordPress plugin repository.

Membership Pricing: Some Advice

There are many ways to come up prices for your products, and I’ll try to cover a few in the next post in this series. But before I get into the business school answer, I wanted to give you a couple rules/guidelines that might help you along.

Membership Pricing

10 Popular Pricing Models for Membership Sites

As you begin to build a membership or subscription business online, one of the first decisions you need to consider is pricing. More specifically, what type of pricing model do you want to use for your business?

This post aims to cover the most popular pricing models for membership-type businesses.

  1. Fixed Term Membership
  2. Recurring Subscriptions with Fixed Price per Period
  3. Front-loaded Membership Pricing
  4. Installment Plans
  5. Free or Reduced-rate Trial Periods
  6. Lifetime Membership
  7. Group Pricing / Sponsored Membership / Umbrella Plans
  8. Addon Pricing Models
  9. Utility Pricing
  10. Donations or “Pay What You Want” Membership
Banner graphic for the 10 Most Popular Pricing Models for Membership and Subscription Sites
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How to front-load your membership pricing and double revenues.


Link bait title, I know, but this one change in your pricing could improve your revenues drastically. I see a large number of membership sites all making this same mistake over and over. I wanted to put this information out there to help you out.

Put simply, your membership pricing should match the value your membership provides, both in terms of (1) price and (2) timing.

Let’s break that down.

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Jason Talks About Pricing on The Art of Value Podcast

The Art of Value is a podcast by Value Pricing advocate Kirk Bowman. Kirk interviews people across varied industries, digging up useful tips and advice for pricing your products and services.

Jason recently completed an interview for the podcast, discussing the history of Paid Memberships Pro and how to price a WordPress plugin.

The interview details the price adjustments that Paid Memberships Pro made this summer and how we’ve been testing to find the optimal price for our products.


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