How to Grow Your Freelance Business by Specializing in Membership Sites

Online member and subscription based businesses are growing. With growth comes a major opportunity for freelancers. Both developers and non-developers can expand their customer base and provide more services for their existing customers with memberships.

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This guide explores how you can grow your freelance or small agency business with a specialty in building, maintaining, and marketing membership and subscription e-commerce websites.

Why Specialize | Customer Characteristics | Learning Basic PMPro | Advanced PMPro Dev | Non-Dev Opportunities | Video and Slides

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Advanced Developer’s Guide to Learning Paid Memberships Pro

This is a list of the most common advanced development requests we see among membership site owners. Familiarizing yourself with the Paid Memberships Pro platform and codebase will help you become an Advanced Developer.

Explore this guide to build your skills in extending, customizing, and developing for WordPress membership sites.

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DEV Chat Summary From February 18, 2016

Below are my summarized notes from our two Dev Chats in February. Notes from the February 18th, 2016 Dev Chat We discussed releasing official “beta” or “release candidate” versions of the plugin before releasing updates to the repository. The WordPress Beta Tester plugin could be used as a model for creating a similar plugin for (more…)

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Dev Chat Summary From December 15, 2015

Rather than post the raw transcript, I’m going to start posting a summary from our dev chats. We hold these chats roughly once a month at We’re working on an easier way to join the Slack group, but for now you can get Jason to add you by posting a comment on a blog (more…)

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Dev Chat 4NOV15 Get Invited to Our Slack Channel

Today at 3pm EST, we will hold a dev chat on #Slack. If you’ve participated in a previous dev chat on #Slack, you’re good to go – just “show up” at 3pm. If you are new, you’ll need to be invited to our #Slack channel. 1. Reply to this blog post and be sure to (more…)

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Archive of the PMPro Dev Chat 24APR15

Below is a transcript of the PMPro Dev Chat held today. Lots of good ideas on how to keep track of addon updates and generally how to keep in touch with the PMPro developer community. We will have another chat next week. I’ll post to the blog details when it’s scheduled. Thanks to everyone who participated today.

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