Managing Affiliates with Paid Memberships Pro

There are many ways to grow a membership site—one popular option many sites leverage is an affiliate program. Affiliate programs reward referrers for any new member signups. Some programs even give a commission on recurring subscription payments received from long-term members.

How do you set up an affiliate program with Paid Memberships Pro? This article highlights the platforms that support affiliate programs for membership sites, including popular WordPress plugins like AffiliateWP or SliceWP.

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What are the benefits of podcasting for your membership site?

Today’s content creators have more publishing tools available to them than ever before. From blogging to tweeting, and everything in between, all you want is to reach your audience in a meaningful and personal way. Have you considered the benefits of podcasting?

Podcasting is today’s hot method of publishing online, and the researchers at Statista estimate the number of podcast listeners will nearly double in the next three years. If you are considering a podcast for your online business, keep reading to explore the key benefits of podcasting for a membership site.

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Content Generation and Online Sharing for Self-Promotion

PMPro co-founder Jason Coleman recently participated in a Philly ‘burbs WP Meetup panel discussion on content generation with Maddy Osman and Eric Karkovack.

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Sharing digital content is an excellent way to build your business and client base. Yet, we also know that consistently producing good content to share online is hard to do. In this informal panel, three experts share the best methods for creating and sharing content online.

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How to Run Your Most Profitable Black Friday Membership Promotion

Membership site owners are gearing up for one of the biggest Black Friday Cyber Monday weekends ever. We published this series of content geared at helping you fast track the sale planning and setup phase.

Dive into the articles and set yourself up to #DoBetterOnBlackFriday and throughout the holiday shopping season.

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Quality vs. Quantity: Content Marketing Strategies for Membership and Subscription Sites

Time is one of the biggest limitations a content creator faces when it comes to consistently releasing quality content. This short guide will help you take a step back and analyze your goals for content. How can you release content on the tight schedule your members demand without sacrificing standards for quality?

Content Marketing Strategies for Membership Sites: Quantity vs. Quality

Content Marketing for Membership and Subscription Sites

Paid Memberships Pro can give you the tools to offer Content Marketing to a specific community or audience and keep them engaged with member-specific content on your website. The content marketing strategy can increase sales, save on marketing costs, and create more loyal customers. 

Not only does the PMPro plugin offer content marketing features, but we also apply content marketing for our own audience and members. This guide shares an overview of content marketing for membership sites.

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