How Podcasting Can Grow Your Membership Site

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a one-on-one conversation with every single user of your membership site? 

For website owners, growth is a double-edged sword. On one hand, you have an opportunity to grow your user base and recurring revenue. On the other hand, it’s difficult to provide a personal experience to each individual who visits your site. 

The solution? 


How podcasting can grow your membership site

Migrating From WP User Avatar to Basic User Avatars

The core WordPress software doesn’t include a way for users to upload their own avatars. Instead users are encouraged to use the Gravatar service. There have been many discussions about building in an avatar upload feature, and I think it may actually make it into a future release of WP any day now. In the (more…)

Customer Success: How to Offer Presales and Onboarding Calls for Your Members

Are you a memberships site looking to understand and retain your members? Then adding customer success to your process to open up conversations directly with your customers and help build a relationship, gain feedback on your product, and increase customer loyalty. Read on to find out how to increase customer success through calls.  

customer success

Build a Members-Only BuddyBoss Membership Site

Private online communities are a rising trend, allowing members to communicate more openly on focused topics and shared interests. You can now create a premium, private BuddyBoss membership community on WordPress without any developer experience.

With Paid Memberships Pro, your site can restrict public access and offer paid subscriptions alongside the BuddyBoss Platform. This article outlines the top features for sites using PMPro as their BuddyBoss membership plugin.

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How to Build a Community for Your Membership

Building a strong community on your membership site is the key to its success. This week we talked to Allie Nimmons, community manager of WP Buffs, who joined us to share how companies can be good community members.

This webinar covers the basics of getting started building a community, what the benefits are, and how to engage it to propel your business ahead.

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How to show a dynamic “Contact Member” form on your directory profile pages.

Allow site visitors to connect through a basic contact form on a member’s profile listing. When someone views a directory profile, they will see a form that automatically sends to the individual profile user’s email address. This can be a major feature for some listing sites, that want to enhance networking, referrals, or lead generation…

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How to Build an Association Membership Site – IAWP

In this showcase, we look at how IAWP used Paid Membership Pro to build an association membership site. More specifically, how they run memberships, protect content, and manage recurring online payments and subscriptions. We also explore Robert Wilkins’ journey in setting up the IAWP membership site.

The International Association of Workforce Professionals (IAWP) develops and connects workforce professionals. Their mission is to strengthen the workforce development system through education and networking.

Building an associations membership site

Ready, Set, Grow – The Value of Joining the Membership Academy

Membership site owners need more than just the technology to build on. We have interacted with thousands of business customers and they all face the same challenges to start, launch, and maintain a successful membership site.

This article outlines the value of joining a community like the Membership Academy. Learn how these groups connect you with other business owners on the same journey to grow a subscription site.

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