Is PMPro ready for new “RBI” regulations for Indian cardholders effective October 1, 2021?

The Reserve Bank of India has issued a new directive with regards to online payments. The full notification on the RBI website is rather technical. You may have gotten an email from Stripe or your gateway.

This article aims to explain the new regulation. First and foremost, know that users on the latest version of Paid Memberships Pro using the Stripe, PayPal Express, or PayPal Standard gateways are already compliant.

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Ready, Set, Grow – The Value of Joining the Membership Academy

Membership site owners need more than just the technology to build on. We have interacted with thousands of business customers and they all face the same challenges to start, launch, and maintain a successful membership site.

This article outlines the value of joining a community like the Membership Academy. Learn how these groups connect you with other business owners on the same journey to grow a subscription site.

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Introducing Words: The First Child Theme for Memberlite

Have you ever wanted to design a simple membership site that showcases your talents, thoughts, and personality? Now you can, with Memberlite Words, a child theme of our popular Memberlite WordPress theme.

memberlite words

Download Memberlite Words View Demo

Memberlite Support membership is required to download this child theme.

Add a Membership Map to Your WordPress Website.

For a few years, our customers have asked us for a membership map solution. Our users wanted to display a map with the location of their members on it. A feature like this can be useful for a vast amount of use cases so we decided to start working on it. I am pleased to announce that the wait is finally over. You can now add a membership map to your WordPress Website with our Paid Memberships Pro – Membership Maps Add On.


PMPro Update 2.4.1

Paid Memberships Pro version 2.4.1

Version 2.4.1 of Paid Memberships Pro is out with some bug fixes and enhancements. We have added a new REST API endpoint, resolved a password reset issue for sites hosted on WP Engine, fixed session issues with Varnish cache, and added a few new action and filter hooks.

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PMPro Update 2.3.4

Version 2.3.4 of Paid Memberships Pro is out with some bug fixes and enhancements. We’ve also added a new function that will help developers and theme authors better style the frontend pages in Paid Memberships Pro without needing to create custom template files or duplicate extensive styles from their theme.

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10 New Third-Party Integrations for Paid Memberships Pro

We love that WordPress development teams can expand their own products and develop new integrations for Paid Memberships Pro. 

In this post, we share the most recent integrations that have been shared with our team. Perhaps one of these is the missing piece of functionality you have been hoping to add to your membership-driven business?

10 new integrations for your membership website.
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