BuddyPress Integration Add On v1.2.3 Released

We’ve continued to improve and address edge cases with this newest release of the BuddyPress Integration Add On for Paid Memberships Pro. You can update the plugin via the Dashboard > Updates page in your WordPress admin. Read on to explore the full list of improvements.

Developer’s Toolkit Add On v.5.2 Released: Enhancements and Bug Fixes

v1.2.1 of the Developer’s Toolkit Add On repairs an issue with the “Cancel All Members” script. We’ve also cleaned up some of the code and fixed a browser compatibility issue where checkboxes were not remaining checked on the admin page in the Add On.

How to add a custom referral field to your membership site and how it can help you grow your business.

Learn how to use Register Helper to add a custom field to your membership site checkout page. You can use this to ask members for potential referrals, find out how members are hearing about you, or ask newly signed up members who referred them to your membership site….

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Point the Authorize.net integration to a different end point.

Some gateways have built their APIs to be 1-to-1 compatible with the Authorize.net AIM API. So while our integration with Authorize.net is meant to be used with the actual Authorize.net gateway, it can also be used with these gateways using the “mirror API”. This recipe will show you how to filter the pmpro_authorizenet_post_url to point…

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Bulk methods to restrict access to posts, pages, and CPTs for a specific membership level ID via MySQL

If you’re adding membership to an existing WordPress site with a lot of content, chances are you are looking for a way to speed up the initial setup process of restricting content throughout your site.

This post offers developers a few advanced methods to set up restrictions in bulk via MySQL.

Bulk Update Access for Posts, Pages, CPTs

Offer a Membership Level for a Limited Time

This recipe allows you to set a specific window of time for membership registration. Anyone who tries to checkout for the level after your specified cutoff date will be shown a message that registration has ended. The level will also be removed from display on your “Membership Levels” page after the cutoff date.

How to Design Your Membership Levels Page: Custom Order, Dynamic List, Hide the Display, or Skip it Mega Post

We have several tutorials for altering the membership levels page using the default [pmpro_levels] shortcode or the Advanced Levels Page Shortcode Add On. This post summarizes several methods to:

It’s a useful guide if you aren’t quite sure of a method to use and want to explore your options.