WordCamp NYC 2012 Presentation Notes

Jason Coleman CEO Stranger Studios Creator of Paid Memberships Pro What is Paid Memberships Pro? In the WordPress repository. On GitHub. Documentation and support at PaidMembershipsPro.com. What is InvestorGeeks? http://www.investorgeeks.com http://www.investorgeeks.com/trends/ The Plan Lock down trends page for paid members. Flashy pricing page from PageRascal.com. Setup Stripe. Bonus: Install PMPro-Mail-Chimp Questions (Jason will post some (more…)

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Value Prop Accelerator Built With WordPress and Paid Memberships Pro

Update: I originally included links to sign up for Accelerator. At this time, the open registration for Accelerator has been disabled. Only people receiving Value Prop training will gain access to the tools. Below is still a good read for anyone interested in how we built the site using WordPress and Paid Memberships Pro. I’m (more…)

Philly Side Arts Uses Paid Memberships Pro

The entrepreneur behind the artist community at Philly Side Arts uses Paid Memberships Pro to charge both artists and businesses membership fees for premium access. Using PMPro, Side Arts can manage 4 different membership levels: free artists, premium artists, free businesses, and premium businesses. Upgrading from a free account to a premium account takes only a few (more…)

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