As a courtesy to our members, we offer consulting to help you plan the Paid Memberships Pro setup for your WordPress site.

About the Call

During our consultation call, we will get information from you to understand your membership site needs.

We may cover any of the following on your call:

  • How to set up Paid Memberships Pro for your site.
  • Which add ons to use.
  • Which custom gists to use.
  • What other customizations may need to be developed.
  • A general project scope for all of the installation and customizations needed.
  • Whether another ecommerce or membership plugin would be a better match for your project.
  • What kind of business model to use.
  • What third party services and tools to use.

After the Call

We will follow up within one business day providing detailed notes on everything discussed.

The notes will include an actionable list of the specific plugins, add ons, hosting recommendations, gateway selection, and custom code/new development needed. While we will not do any implementation on the call, the notes will serve as a project plan or proposal outline for another WordPress development team. This is not meant to be used for ongoing consulting.

Use the link below to complete checkout and request a Consultation Call.

We will follow up within one business day to schedule a time where we can block out 1-2 hours to consult with you by phone or Skype.

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