Today at 2pm EST, we will host a PMPro Dev Chat in the #paidmembershipspro channel on Freenod IRC.

There should be an embedded IRC client that you can use. You can also view the WP Codex page on IRC, which links to some popular IRC clients for various operating systems.

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I am developing membership website using Paid Memberships Pro. I notice that there is only one currency $ in membership fee. I have local members (S$) and International members (USD, MYR, INR etc). How to select multiple currency ? I do not see any relevant plugins in my WordPress or Paid membership Pro plug ins. Do i need any plugin? If so how do i upload? Thanks in advance for your help.

It would take a lot of work to get one PMPro install to work with multiple currencies. E.g. all of the reports would break because it doesn’t know how to add $2 USD to 2 EUR or something like that. So no plans to work on this now unless someone wants to bankroll the development (multiple thousands of dollars). Sorry.

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