Today at 1pm EST, I will be holding a developer focused webinar on adding a new payment gateway plugin. Around 12:30pm, the webinar page will link PMPro Plus members to the webinar.

I’ll be looking at the CCBill and WePay API documentation and will also consider what would be involved in a native Bitcoin gateway. Then I’ll pick one of those to focus on and go through the work of getting the gateway setup. I’ll be winging it a bit since I haven’t done any work on these gateways previously and the typical gateway takes at least 20 hours of development time to setup and test properly.

At the end of the webinar, we should have a good start for the plugin and can figure out how and who will continue development. I’ll likely publish the code to GitHub and try to find others to get involved int he development.

The webinar is meant to be a video supplement to the documentation on adding a new gateway to help people working on new gateway integrations for PMPro.

To join:

  1. Become a PMPro Plus member.
  2. Visit the webinar link by 1pm EST.

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Has anyone done a FirstData gateway? I’d be interested in it. I’m not a developer so this plugin is over my head.

i’m from south africa and have a payment gateway called payfast. Can anyone help me on how to integrate that?

Here is the official page from PayFast on that:

Their solution is suboptimal (requires an outdated version of PMPro and hacking our core plugin). We’re working on a plugin version. We haven’t officially released it yet. It will eventually be served from that same PayFast page as well. In the meantime, you can test and use at your own risk here:

I saw in previous threads all the way back to 2014 and that Pmpro was working on ccbill. I also saw on Github that you were working on a ccbill.

Well it is now 2019. Is ccbill ready?

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