Version .5 of Addon Packages includes a new [pmpro_addon_packages] shortcode. This shortcode allows you to display a “shop” like page of available addon packages (all pages and posts with a defined pmproap_price). Just add the shortcode to a page with your desired attributes.

View the Add On

Screenshots and Code Examples

Four Column Layout

[pmpro_addon_packages layout="4col" orderby="post_title" thumbnail="thumbnail"]


Table Layout

[pmpro_addon_packages layout="table" orderby="post_title" thumbnail="thumbnail"]


Different cases for different users

  • If the current user has already purchased the addon package, they will see a link to “View”.
  • If the current user has a valid membership for the addon package, they can purchase without modifying their membership level.
  • If the current user does not have a membership level or there is no current (not logged in), they can click the “buy” button to purchase membership and the addon package in one step.

Shortcode Attributes

  • checkout_button: The text displayed on the button linking to checkout. (default: “Buy Now”).
  • exclude: A comma-separated list of the page IDs to exclude from display (default: none).
  • include: Optionally set this attribute to only show subpages of the active page. Accepts: “subpages”. (default: shows all pages and posts with an addon package price).
  • layout: The layout of the output. (default: table). Accepts “div”, “table”, “2col”, “3col”, “4col” (column-type layouts will work with the Memberlite Theme or any theme based on the Foundation 5 grid system).
  • link: Hyperlink the post/page title to the single view; accepts “true” or “false” (default: true).
  • orderby: Accepts any orderby parameter as defined in the codex. (default: menu_order).
  • order: Accepts ASC or DESC as defined in the codex. (default: ASC).
  • thumbnail: Optionally hide or show the subpage’s featured image; accepts “thumbnail”, “medium”, “large” or “false”. (default: thumbnail).
  • view_button: The text displayed on the button linking to view the single page. (default: “View Now”).

Comments (5)

I’m sure I’m not the first to ask this question but I can’t find it …
I would like a list of all the packages I’ve bought as a client. Let’s say the shop has 100 products for sale and a client just bought 3. I would like to have a page where only those 3 are shown when this client is logged in. Is that possible?

Hi @punktorah,

Since this is built around our Addon Packages plugin you will need non-members to first sign up for a free membership level before being able to purchase access to any pages or posts.

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