Three basic reports are included in your Paid Memberships Pro “Memberships” admin. These reports include:

Reports Overview

A snapshot of the various reports – this dashboard summarizes the three detailed reports for all members and includes details on Visits, Views and Logins; Sales and Revenue; and Membership Stats for the entire history of membership activity on your site since activating Paid Memberships Pro.

Visits, Views and Logins

The report details overall Visits Today, Visits This Month, Visits All Time, Views Today, Views This Month, Views All Time, Logins Today, Logins This Month, and Logins All Time. Click through to view the full report which shows these specific data points by user/member.

For help understanding this report, we define each as the following:

Tracked once per browser session.
Counted once per page load.
This counts each single “login”.

Sales and Revenue

The report details overall sales volume and revenue by all time, year, month, and for today. Click through to view the full report which shows filterable charts for Sales and Revenue based on custom time period and membership level.

Membership Stats

The report details various Membership-related stats including Signups and Cancellations (for all time, this year, this month, today). It also provides an overview of your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Cancellation Rate, and Lifetime Value (LTV). Click through to view the full report which shows filterable charts comparing Signups and Cancellations by time period and membership level.

Additional custom reports can be generated for your unique needs through custom development. Contact us to discuss your report needs and see how we can build a one-click report for this data.

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