Add extra user row actions or links to the orders in the dashboard. Works the same as the core user_row actions. Array of actions should be formatted as array(‘key’ => ‘HTML link’)


This hook executes custom code at the end of an Order page in the WordPress dashboard. The MemberOrder object is passed.


Add extra columns to the Orders page with the pmpro_orders_extra_cols_body and pmpro_orders_extra_cols_header hooks. Passes the array of order IDs


Modifies the array of fields which are readonly on the Orders page. The callback function should return an array of field names or an empty array to make all fields editable.


Controls whether or not to show affiliate IDs on the Orders Page. This is used by various integrations with affiliate platforms.


Filters the list of statuses which can be applied to an order using the “Status” select menu when editing or adding a new order. Passes an array of statuses.


Controls whether or not to also search by usermeta when using the Search functionality on the Orders pages. By default, this is set to false (don’t search usermeta).