Version 1.7 of PMPro added support for localization. We’re still working with the good folks who agreed to provide translations for us and hope to include those translations for everyone to use in future updates.

The documentation for using our .pot file to create translations for your locale are online here.

If you are working on or would like to work on a translation for PMPro, feel free to add a comment to this post to let people know and potentially find collaborators.

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We have not heard of anyone working on the Spanish-language translation – but will point people to you if someone reaches out. Do you have a public repository where you are working on your translation? If you need any support regarding the steps for localization please let us know!

Javi: Any way that you can send it to me & the rest of us directly before the next update? Or if you have it on a public repository such as Transifex, Dropbox (via a private link to your account) or GitHub, then I can download it there. Thanks.

I have problem… Several strings does not show up translated online, for instance “Select”. Did I do any wrong with POEdit?

I don’t have a complete translation yet, only the necessary word for free membership are translated. Will send you a copy tomorrow… Select is in levels.php I think, two lines?.

i have a dutch translation but the translation didn’t translate everything so i have some questions.
When you create the levels you can choose when the memberships expires but the text and days, weeks , months and years text isn’t tranlated how can i fix that

i have a dutch translation but the translation didn’t translate everything so i have some questions.
When you create the levels you can choose when the memberships expires but the text and days, weeks , months and years text isn’t tranlated how can i fix that

Thanks for the heads up. I’ve cleaned this up for the next release. In the meantime, you can get the new membershiplevels.php and discountcodes.php from here to get this working on a site:

The strings used were already used somewhere else, so your translation file should have them.

Also! Be sure to share your translation when it’s done. You can email me the files or do a pull request on GitHub. Thanks.

Sorry if I’m being naive, but we have a da_DK language file bundled with the plugin. So if you set your language to that, it should work. Do you need a different locale?


I’ve got problem with some translations that uses the _x() wordpress function.

The .pot pmpro file is not constructed to use that type of translation.

For exemple, in the functions.php file in “/includes” directory, at line 196 :
$r = sprintf(_x(‘The price for membership is %s now’, ‘Initial payment in cost text generation.’, ‘pmpro’), $pmpro_currency_symbol . number_format($level->initial_payment, 2));

There is no translation in front end until a erase the ” ‘Initial payment in cost text generation.’, ” part and use __() function.

So, do you have an upadte of the pot file ? (because the at github doesn’t have “context” translation support).


I’ll start working on a swedish translation (is anyone else doing swedish?), but when I try to open the POT-file in Poedit, it complains about it not being a valid pot file and doesn’t open it.

I’m going to look into this. I just gave you a free PMPro account (thanks for working on a translation). Can you post to the forums so we can follow up there? Thanks.

FYI, I was able to successfully open the latest pmpro.pot file using the latest version of Poedit without the error. Again, we’ll try to get you sorted out via our member forums so you can work on the translation. Thanks again.

I have now spent quite alot hours on a swedish translation. I now read that you was already doing that. The problem is that some of the lines still dont work. ex “This content is for —- members only” or the word “Free”. Do you know why?

I have made a translation to Swedish but there are a lot of words and sentences in english that won’t update. Can you please get back with information how to work this out? Do I have to update translations outside the PO-file? It seems like we are a couple of swedish users that all have the same problem, would be awesome to get your fantastic plugin to work 100% in our language. Regards, Rasmus

Jason, Love PMP! We’re working on a new website in Spanish. Poedit works fine for the website and PMP. Regarding Paypal… How can I change the Paypal checkout page language to Spanish if the user is in the US? or anywhere for that matter. We want the checkout page to always be in Spanish for the Spanish site. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Thanks for your reply. I still can’t find the dutch po-/mo-files. Are you sure they can be found there? I need the dutch / netherlands / NL translations 🙂

Anyone who have successfully translated Paid Memberships Pro into Swedish? I am almost completely done with the translation using the po-files from Github and Poedit, but no mather what there are still sentences, words and buttons in the plugin that won’t translate. Is there a solution for this?

For example:
The price for membership is…
Your Level…
(what’s this?)
… every 3 Months.

Are these sentences not possible to translate using the po-file? I have googled it and other users had the same problem over a year ago?

Is it updated and fixed or why doesn’t it work to translate Paid Memberships Pro?
Would love to know if any other swedes have manage to translate it 🙂

Hi, I tried to edit the dutch translation file but no program allows to open it. It says: Invalid file. Tried several poeditors. All have a problem with the file (used the last one and tried several times)

Good evening. The translation in pt_BR although it is almost completed only works on parts of the plugin. Most of the sentences are still in English. In the page of adhesion even the first part is in English and the second in Portuguese. I’ve done everything to try to fix it but I could not and did not find anything on the internet. Within your limitations of using the plugin for free, is there any way to guide me? We do not yet have enough billing to support a support amount.

I have the PMP version and i have the site in portuguese, all seams to work fine until i have a small problem at subscription page.

It apears: Membership expires after 1 Ano.
250.00€ agora and then 250.00€ per Ano for 3 more Anos.

Probably you don’t know portuguese, but there is a mix of languages on the sentence.
Am i doing something wrong? How can i solve this problem?

Thank you

The way we build the level cost text is complicated and messes up translations. FYI, here is where we do that in the code:

Those phrases probably aren’t in our translation map for some reason. We can look into getting that fixed for the Portuguese translation.

In the meantime, you can use the level cost text plugin to adjust the level cost and manually translate it. You can find the Add On here or on GitHub for free.

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