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This recipe breaks the page

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Is there anyway to add in renew button into the membership profile page that way members can still Keep their previous USER NAMES & PASSWORDS

If users are logged in when they checkout, they will keep their username and password. Memberships with expiration dates will be pushed back. Memberships with recurring billing will attempt to keep the same payment date if possible.

This Renew functionality has been built into our levels and account pages. Which profile page do you want the message on?

eefwrfe, you could add a link from your “customized account” page to the “PMPro checkout” page.


I was playing around with this and the “Renew” button doesn’t appear until the expiration date is about six weeks away. Otherwise, it says “Change Level.” Is there a way to have display “Renew” about 12 weeks before a membership is up for renewal?

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