The Custom Post Type Membership Access Add On adds the ‘Require Membership’ meta box to all CPTs selected and redirects non-members to the selected page.

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Select the CPTs to Restrict

The add on’s settings page detects the Custom Post Types (CPTs) active in your WordPress. You can select the CPTs to add the ‘Require Membership’ meta box to. Then on that single edit screen for the CPT select membership levels with access.

It even works with WooCommerce for “members only” products (redirects users without access from the single product view).

Then, redirect the single CPT frontend view to a selected page.

In most cases, your theme has set up CPTs to display content on the frontend in a unique way. For this reason, the standard ways that Paid Memberships Pro filters membership content will not cover all cases. Thus, the add on will simply redirect users without access to a selected page.

Most sites will want to redirect to the “membership levels” page – but you can choose any page you’d like in the drop down under Settings > PMPro CPTs.


  1. Upload ‘pmpro-cpt’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Navigate to Settings > PMPro CPTs in the WordPress Admin to select custom post types and set redirection rules.




This redirection will also apply to a search engine indexing your site.

Setting membership access restrictions for a single CPT will not necessarily hide it from archives, search, or other custom templates built into your theme.

Hi, is this plugin still working? I am trying to hide Echo Knowledge Base pages from non-members, but even though I select the CPT to redirect I’m still able to access the individual posts without logging in.

Did you edit the knowledge base post and check to require membership? If so, there might be some conflict with that specific plugin. What plugin is adding the Knowledge Base CPT. Maybe we can test. Post to the member forums for faster support.

Hi Jason

I want to know how can we restrict certain amount of posts and pages according to plans.

for eg: i have three plans:

1- Silver
2- Gold
3- Platinum

I want to show only 10 posts for silver users, 20 for gold and 50 for Platinum.

is there any way to do this.

thanks in advance

And while I know that double-posting/double-commenting is generally considered bad form, you might also be interested in adding a selection to restrict custom taxonomies and terms, along with custom post types.

I’m currently trying to see if I can do something about that; not that it’s vital, but it would be useful.

Hello, I’m very new to PMPro, and I’m still experimenting after migrating from another membership system.
So bear with me if I’m asking a stupid question, I’m still playing. And search didn’t help. That said…

Redirecting to a custom “restricted content” page is a great possibility, and actually I made it so that this plugin works on every post type. (For anyone interested, there’s a filter on line 74, you can change it or comment it out)

How does one bulk select contents for redirection? Or even better, how is it possible to select a post type to redirect by default, so that an entire post type is hidden with one click?

(useful if there are a LOT of pre-existing contents in a cpt, and most of them have to be protected by redirection)

I’m guessing from the code that bulk setting a post meta could do (I do this via a plugin).
But what would be the key and the value? I don’t get it.

Thanks, regards

PS: I modified the core file of this plugin, and I feel slightly guilty. 😛
What would you suggest as an alternative? I’ve an understanding of PHP (although I’m no expert) so an explanation is supposed to be enough.

PPS: Actually, you could rebrand this plugin to: “Redirect to page for non members Plugin”, and make it available for all post types. It would make more sense, in my very humble opinion.

I think it’s okay to modify this plugin (not PMPro itself, but this plugin to redirect away from CPTs). It’s a pretty simple plugin that was meant as an example to be modified.

It’s an excellent plugin to have but for some reason it just makes the blogs restricted not the custom post type. Generally blogs are needed to be publicly available and other custom post type items are private. Any suggestion how to fix the issue?

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