We’ve added new settings to the bbPress Add On to simplifies the set up of 5 commonly used code recipes for our bbPress integration. After updating the add on, navigate to Settings -> Forums for additional settings (pictured below).

This post also recaps additional Paid Memberships Pro Add Ons updated recently.

Development Changelog for Add On Updates and Release Notes

How to Update PMPro Add Ons

Navigate to Dashboard > Updates in the WordPress admin to update Add Ons in your membership site. A valid license is required to update some of our premium Add Ons. Be sure to backup your site before performing updates and always update one plugin at a time so that you can isolate upgrade issues.

Advanced Levels Page Shortcode Add On

  • Added responsive support for compare_table layout. Layout now collapses to a single column div-type layout with comparison attributes for device width < 767px.
  • Fixed highlight and current level classes in compare_table layout.
  • Fixed notice in compare_table layout.
  • Fixed navigation clearing issue for Genesis layout option.
  • Added translation support to add-on and included Norwegian translation files.
  • Fixed bug if first level column of compare_table was highlight.
  • Added support for Levels Comparison Table layout type (ex. layout=”compare_table”).
  • Added shortcode attribute for renew_button text.

AWeber Integration

  • BUG: Fixed pmproaw_getAccount() error resulting in lists not being found
  • BUG: Wrapping API calls to avoid fatal errors.
  • FEATURE: Added option to the settings page to choose how users are unsubscribed from other lists when changing levels.

bbPress Add On

  • FEATURE: Added a membership level setting to set the background color of member topics and replies.
  • FEATURE: Added an option to the bbPress settings page to change the error message shown when non-members try to access a member forum.
  • FEATURE: Added an option to the bbPress settings page to add “member links” linking to forums a user has access to.
  • FEATURE: Added an option to the bbPress settings page to hide member forums from the forums list and search results.
  • FEATURE: Added an option to the bbPress settings page to hide forum roles in replies.
  • FEATURE: Added an option to the bbPress settings page to show membership level in replies.
  • Removed TGM and using different methods to make sure PMPro and bbPress are activated.
  • Changed forum check to use template_redirect instead of wp hook.

Donations Add On

  • Fixed pricing conflict with PMPro Variable Pricing addon.

Email Templates Admin Editor Add On

Note: This Add On is now merged into core PMPro. See documentation on customizing email templates in Paid Memberships Pro.

  • FEATURE: Updated for localization with new pmproet.pot/po files.
  • BUG: Fixed bug where users were getting 2 expiration emails.

Extra Expiration Warning Emails Add On

  • BUG: Fixed bug where users were getting 2 expiration emails.

GetResponse Integration

  • BUG: Fixed some warnings and notices.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added $campaign_user as the second parameter to the pmpro_getresponse_custom_fields filter.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Updated the GetResponse library.

Invite Only Membership Add On

  • BUG: Fixed bug where “codes used” section would show up even if no codes were used.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Updates to the display of used and unused codes in the membership confirmation page and user profile.
  • BUG: Fixed issues where old ->pmpro_invite_codes method was used to check for a user’s invite codes.

Member Directory and Profile Pages Add On

  • Added the pmpro_member_directory_sql filter (passes $sqlQuery, $levels, $s, $pn, $limit, $start, $end) that can be used to filter the SQL used to lookup members for the directory page.
  • BUG: Fixed bug where the Address 1 text was appearing under Address 2 on profiles.

Membership Card Add On

  • FEATURE: Added shortcode attribute for print_size. Specify small, medium, large or all. Default is: all.

Pay by Check Add On

  • FEATURE: Updated for localization with new pmpropbc.pot/po files.

User Fields (Register Helper)

Note: This Add On is now merged into the core PMPro plugin. See our documentation on user fields.

  • BUG: Fixing conflicts that arise when field names overlap with public query vars. For example in WP 4.4 “title” was added as a public query var, which was often used as a field/usermeta name.
  • BUG: Fixed bug where fields were sometimes showing up for levels they weren’t set for.
  • BUG: Fixed warnings.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added “depends” support for radio button fields.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added “pmprorh_section_header” filter to change the title of the default checkout box heading.

Subscription Delays Add On

  • BUG: Fixed incorrect level cost text

User Pages Add On

  • BUG: Fixed display of frontend admin view for all user pages when user is deleted.
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