A list of third-party plugins for the Admin to help stay organized and better manage their PMPro-powered membership site. These plugins are not maintained by Paid Memberships Pro. Click here to view a list of Admin Add Ons provided by Paid Memberships Pro.

Clearout Integration for Paid Memberships Pro

This plugin will perform 20+ refined real-time validation with 98%+ accuracy to determine the current status of the email address. This helps to capture the valid members as part of the sign-up process thus eliminating abusers, fraudulent, or non-reachable members right at the time of registration or checkout.

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Email Users

Easily kick off an email to your WordPress site users directly in the WordPress admin. You can segment users by a few criteria, including their Paid Memberships Pro “Membership Level”. The Paid Memberships Pro integration is built in to the core plugin.

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Import and export users and customers

An import users plugin that includes custom user meta to be included automatically from a CSV file and delimitation auto-detector. This plugin is compatible with Paid Memberships Pro to import memberships

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Paid Memberships Pro PDF Invoices

Paid Memberships Pro PDF Invoices allows you to automatically generate PDF invoices for Paid Memberships Pro orders and send them directly on successful checkouts.

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When Last Login

This lightweight plugin allows you to see active users according to their last login time/date.

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