When Paid Memberships Pro launched in June 2010, our single goal was to become “the community solution” for membership sites on WordPress. We’ve achieved that goal. Today, developers and site owners setting up a membership site on WordPress consider Paid Memberships Pro the best option.

I’m very proud of the value we have delivered, not only for our PMPro Members, but for all users of our 100% free, GPLv2 plugin.

Continue reading for information about the upcoming price increase and a special discount offer we’re extending to new members through September 9. Rest assured that this pricing change will NOT affect our existing members in any way.

A little backstory.

In July 2015, we introduced our PMPro Plus plan and began charging for automatic updates to our premium Add Ons. Even though our Add Ons are all open source on GitHub, thousands of customers have chosen to purchase our support plans. Revenue from these customers has funded the continued maintenance and development of Paid Memberships Pro and our growing library of 70+ Add Ons.

In the past year, we have expanded our support and development efforts with 2 full time-team members, bringing us to 4 part-time and 4 full-time team members in all.

We’d like to do more.

Our plan is to use the added revenue from new pricing to offer a better support experience for our members. It is our goal to speed up response times, provide a deeper level of development help, and offer communication by live chat or phone.

To reach these goals, we have decided to change our pricing for new customers.

  1. We no longer offer PMPro Core (support only) membership for new customers.
  2. Plus membership is now $297/yr. (renews annually at $197).
  3. We will begin limiting license keys for Plus membership to just 5 sites. Note that our license key tracking will be done in a very liberal way to account for multisite networks, development, staging, testing, and temporary sites. Existing Plus members will not be restricted by these limits, but may be contacted if their key is active on a large number of sites to ensure that their key hasn’t been shared publicly.
  4. We are introducing Unlimited membership at $997/yr. (renews annually at $697) for customers who need a license for more than 5 sites.

This pricing change will NOT affect our existing members in any way.

Current Plus members will be grandfathered in to the price they originally paid for Plus membership. If you have been paying $47/yr., you will continue to pay $47/yr. If you have been paying $147/yr., you will continue to pay $147/yr.

We will continue to support existing PMPro Core members until the end of their current payment periods, after which they will be able to upgrade to the PMPro Plus level at a discount.

Last chance to purchase Plus membership at $147

For the next week, our Plus membership will be on sale for $147 and Unlimited membership will be on sale for $497. We rarely run discounts. Our prices will probably never be this low ever again.

The sale has officially ended. Current membership pricing is available here.

As a reminder, a Plus and Unlimited membership offers the following benefits:

  • 60+ premium Add Ons from our website with automatic updates through the WordPress dashboard.
  • Paid support forums, staffed by experienced WordPress/PMPro developers.
  • 100+ advanced code recipes for customization of your membership site.
  • Webinars, videos, and developer chats.
  • The knowledge that you are supporting our team to maintain and develop Paid Memberships Pro.
  • 100%, no questions asked, 30-day money-back guarantee.

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