We are packing things up and heading to the airport shortly. I just wanted to post an alert that we’ll soon be home ready to take on support in a more timely manner.

Thank you to Scott for holding down the fort and keeping our happy customers… happy!

We apologize if you have had to wait a bit longer than usual. We truly, truly appreciate our PMPro and Do it For Me Members for their support of Paid Memberships Pro. I said in my previous post that we’re a 100% bootstrapped startup of 3 semi-fulltime people. It gives us great pride to offer this 100% GPLv2 plugin to the WordPress world and makes us happy when our users contribute back to the plugin either via code, paid membership, or just saying nice things.

See you on the forums!

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Hopefully, you enjoyed your short vacation. Not sure I would call it a vacation because you were still answering questions and concerns. Anyways look forward to talk with ya (Texas thing) soon.

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