Just a heads up to all our members (and would-be members) that Kim and Jason are taking a brief hiatus this Saturday to Thursday (9/28 to 10/3).

Why am I posting this?

You may or may not know but Paid Memberships Pro is programmed and supported almost entirely by a team of 3 people (and two small children who more often hinder than support our efforts).

Since our plugin is 100% free GPL v2, our only funding source is our PMPro Support and Do it For Me memberships. So if it takes a day or two to get a response to your questions or emails, we apologize but we’re only human…just like you.

What should you expect next week?

Scott’s going to be holding down the fort and Jason will be popping in daily to answer forum requests and emails. Me? I’ll be chilling out because turning 30 is hard enough as it is without working on vacation.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting Paid Memberships Pro and finding great success using our plugin as a component of their membership/subscription/other website.

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I don’t even REMEMBER when I was 30! But being 58 is a great achievement — especially not having to work for the man for the last 22 years! Happy birthday and be thankful for every freakin’ day! Seize the day, my friend! – Mel Cooper, MeasuRealevance USA.

Hey, you guys ROCK! Happy Birthday … do something fun with those kids! Take it from me — my post-college kids were cute toddlers only yesterday 🙂 Time zooms by. Carpe diem!

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