Thinking about running a Black Friday sale?

  • Have you looked into running a Black Friday sale and thought it was too complicated?
  • Have you heard that running too many sales causes “discount fatigue”?
  • Have you run sales in the past that didn’t make enough money?

If you have a successful membership site that makes money, you should be running a Black Friday Sale. With a properly set up Black Friday sale, you could make 25-75% of your average monthly revenue in a single weekend.

A site making $10,000 per month could make an extra $5,000 this November.

The Sitewide Sales Add On for Paid Memberships Pro is the best way to run a Black Friday sale this year.

There is only one page of settings to set up your sale.
You can completely hide the sale from existing members.
This model works for hundreds of sites: banner + landing page + tracking.