Version 1.5.3 of the plugin is available. This update adds PayPal Standard support to Paid Memberships Pro and also includes a number of smaller features and bug fixes. Enjoy!

  • Added PayPal Standard Gateway
  • Added code to support using Stripe with the minimal billing fields. Use add_filter(“pmpro_stripe_lite”, “__return_true”); to enable this (Here is a plugin to do it with an altered checkout template:
  • Added an Email setting to send the default WordPress new user email(wp_new_user_notification) or not. By default this was being sent along with the PMPro checkout confirmation email. Now only the checkout confirmation email will be sent unless you check the new setting. You can still override this with the pmpro_wp_new_user_notification filter.
  • Fixed bug: Now re-hiding the “Processing…” message if there is a Stripe javascript error at checkout.
  • Updated MemberOrder method saveOrder to check for gateway and gateway_environment properties when inserting. If none are found, it will use what is set in your payment settings. This allows you to set the gateway on a MemberOrder object and save the order with that gateway instead of the default.
  • Now only showing the check instructions if the gateway is “check” AND the level is not free.
  • Added a check to the notification code in the settings header so it wouldn’t display NULL in the notification space if WP passes that back.
  • Some warning fixes.
  • Fixed a bug in the PayPal Express gateway class where the pre-tax amount was being passed to PayPal instead of the tax-computed amount.
  • Added Canadian Dollars as a currency option for Stripe.
  • Fixed typo/bug with saving trial amounts in the memberships_users table after checkout. (Thanks, Badfun)
  • Fixed bug in initial and recurring revenue calculation on members list page.
  • Fixed bug when setting membership_level of current user after checkout that could cause various issues. (Thanks, drrobotnik)
  • Fixed bug in Stripe webhook that resulting in cancelation emails being sent to the 1st user in the DB vs. the user who cancelled. (Thanks, Kunjan of
  • The getLastMemberOrder() method of the MemberOrder class now returns the last order with status = ‘success’ by deafult. You can override this via the second parameter of the function. So getLastMemberOrder($user_id, “cancelled”) to get the last cancelled order or getLastMemberOrder($user_id, false) to get the last order no matter the status.
  • Added pmpro_authnet_silent_post_fields filter and pmpro_before_authnet_silent_post and pmpro_after_authnet_silent_post hooks to the silent post handler. All hooks are passed the $fields variable built at the top of the script that mirrors the $_REQUEST array.

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So apart from giving the customers an option to pay by credit card, does PayPal Standard option differ from PayPal express? Will something start working differently if I change to Standard?

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I’ll need to update the docs on the site here RE the difference, but basically:

PayPal Standard will allow customers to sign up even if they don’t have a PayPal account. However, the integration with PMPro is a little looser. They aren’t automatically redirected back to your site when they check out. They have to click a link to return, and you need to refer on the IPN Handler (part of the plugin) to process things in the background to setup an account for them. I tried to do this as smoothly as possible, but put simply your customers may have to wait for a bit before they gain access to the site.

PayPal Express requires a PayPal account at checkout. You can create one if you don’t already have one. However, it is more tightly integrated with the site. The user comes back from PayPal before completing the confirmation for the payment. Then they click on a button on your site, which tells PayPal to charge, immediately gets confirmation, then creates an account and logs the user in right away.

That’s the gist of it.

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I am using Paypal Express with paid memberships Pro and when a customer checks out in paypal and is redirected to confirmation page there is an error saying “Payer ID missing” Can you please help?

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Make sure you have correct values for the Gateway Environment, Gateway Account Email, API Username. Also, the support forums are the proper place to ask these questions.

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I am having the same problem as Trev… I have set all API credential correctly…

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