Development Changelog for Paid Memberships Pro Release Updates

This is a fun update, which includes some subtle design updates to the member notices, levels and checkout pages. In this update, we’ve also added a Sales and Revenue report, the PMPro Shipping and PMPro International Addresses addons.

There are also a few bug fixes, most notably a fix to the PayPal IPN that will help some PayPal Standard users.

Here is the full list of updates:

  • Design updates to frontend and backend pages.
  • Added Sales and Revenue Report.
  • Fix to Braintree webhook that should help get it verified by Braintree more easily.
  • Fix to PayPal IPNHandler to check both that either the primary or the business email address sent from PayPal matches the one stored in the payment settings.
  • Added pmpro_ajax_timeout hook to change the timeout limit from 2000 (2 seconds) to something else.
  • Fixed bug that occurred when the pmpro_register_redirect filter returned false or a blank link. Thanks, Vladimir Garagulya.
  • Added pmpro_paypal_standard_nvpstr and pmpro_set_express_checkout_nvpstr filters to change or add parameters to an name-value-pair string sent to PayPal in a couple cases.
  • Fixed checkout failure on Free level when in mySQL Strict Mode. (Thanks, inator on GitHub)
  • Only checking pmpro_checkForUpgrades in admin/dashboard now. (Thanks, topdown on GitHub)
  • No longer loading recaptcha library in the admin. Also wrapped the recaptchalib require in an init function to delay it a bit so we can check if other plugins have already loaded it.
  • PMPro-Mailchimp and WP-Bouncer have been moved into the WP repository. Other Add-on updates.
  • New users will now be set to the “default role” set in the General settings instead of spefically “subscriber”. (Subscriber is the default default role though.) Thanks, Nabil Kadimi.
  • Wrapped strings in login report for translation.
  • Added indexes to the following columns in the pmpro_membership_orders table: status, payment_transaction_id, subscription_transaction_id, affiliate_id, affiliate_subid
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