This update include added a “Filter searches and archives?” setting to advanced settings tab. If you had “Show excerpts to non-members?” set to No before, then this will be set to Yes after upgrade. But now you can show excerpts on single post pages while still hiding restricted content from searches and archives.

Please update the Paid Memberships Pro from the plugins page of your WordPress dashboard. You can also get the latest version of PMPro here or version 1.7.11 specifically here.

Sorry for so many updates these past two days. A bug fix in our search filtering added other bugs and while fixing we realized that the hide/show excerpts setting was doing double duty hide/showing posts in search results and archive indexes. So while fixing the bug, we split these two features into two settings so people will be less confused about how and why things are being hidden on their sites. 🙂

Hopefully no more updates until version 2.0 later this month.

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At this time you can only have one currency per site/PMPro install. Some people have used custom code to allow for different currencies per level, but I don’t recommend it. If you need to offer multiple currency options, it is sometimes possible to use a WordPress network install with different network sites for each currency.

Does pmpro work for Nigerian Naira currency? I bought it and now need to change the currency from dollar to Naira because the government has banned Nigerians from paying online in foreign currencies. They can only pay in Naira with their debit cards.

Hello Jason, I believe this thread is still active. I request you add Ghana Cedis to Paid Membership currencies. My gateway supports it and a lot of developers are having this trouble in Ghana. Kindly help!

Hello Jason, thanks for the info.
I alredy select the correct currency in the dropdown on the payment settings, but still didn´t get the currency symbols change on memberships level page.
My Payment gateway is set to “Testing Only, and the Gateway Enviroment is set to “Sandbox/Testing”. Is that the reason why i can´t get the currency changes?

Is there more information about currency and translation on the members area? Do you think a beginner like me would understand the instruction on this private documentation?

Thanks again.

Hello guys,
Iam newbie ate wordpress and pmpro plugin.
I’am having a hard time to change de currency display simbols.
In the pmpro_currnecies file Ì’ve changed the follwing line:
$pmpro_default_currency = apply_filters(“pmpro_default_currency”, “BRL”);

BLR = Brazilian Real

Is that correct? Is that enough to make the change?
I appreciate any help.

Thanks for your time.

Hi Jason,
How can I increase the length of an excerpt? For example, I’d like the usual register button to appear below an excerpt with an image to encourage people to register.

I am getting this error message on a site I am developing:

Warning: session_start(): open(/var/lib/php/session/sess_2nnr96j6a406gu4q2u93hkivm4, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in /home/domains/ on line 27

I have deactivated the plugin for now.

Running 1.7.11. This just started happening; I am running WordPress 3.9.1 and Weaver II Pro. Have the same setup on a different site and not getting the issue there. Please advise.

I believe you are right. My host had a server crash this morning and this happened after they replaced the server and restored the data. I have also gotten a similar error on an entirely different plugin that I just installed tonight. Thanks, Jason, for your prompt and personal reply!

Working hard on it. I haven’t been able to make good estimates for when it will be ready, so I’m going to avoid trying to make new estimates. It’s on its way though.

There must be a fix somehow for it? All a user has to do is go through the signup process on the site, create a username/password, be taken to the Paypal portion,(at this point they are considered Subscribers to the site now without actually paying yet) then simply hit the back button on the browser to go back to your site and they have full access without paying…. urgent

The fix is to make sure that your site is locked down for members only. So that users without a membership don’t have access to member content. This is how PMPro is built to be used.

Search the blog for “redirect non-members to the homepage” and other similar solutions to lock your site down.

If it’s really important that non-members never get a user account, consider using something other than PayPal Standard. We have to do things this way with PayPal Standard due to how it works. Other options like PayPal Express don’t create the user until payment goes through. However, it’s still generally a good idea to make sure non-member users don’t have access to member content (for when they cancel etc).

Feel free to open a thread in our member forums for more support.

Yes. Make sure the gateway you are using supports it.

One thing that isn’t possible is having currency symbols positioned on the right side (this is just cosmetic though) or some currencies that use commas instead of decimals (this does cause issues with checkout/gateways).

Please give a solution in this plugin
i am facing a problem user can after registration login easily paypal payment success or not success in both cases
but I want like After paypal payment success user will login otherwise not login in website.
please give me solution as soon as possible.
Thank you

Sorry. The way the PayPal Standard integration works is a user account is created for them, but they only get a membership level when the payment goes through. So you need to lock down your site so only members have access to the member content.

Hi Jason. I’m not sure if this is related to recent updates or not – messages are below, when users try to renew their membership and click to pay through PayPal:

Warning: require_once(wp-content/plugins/paid-memberships-pro/includes/MCAPI.class.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home3/dca/public_html/wp-content/themes/dca/functions.php on line 443

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘wp-content/plugins/paid-memberships-pro/includes/MCAPI.class.php’ (include_path=’.:/opt/php54/lib/php’) in /home3/dca/public_html/wp-content/themes/dca/functions.php on line 443

My current support guy’s on vacation; my past one is in Florida at a conference. Not great timing when membership renewals are out!

This looks like an issue with the custom code in your theme’s functions.php. It is looking for the MCAPI (MailChimp API) library file in the paid memberships pro install. We don’t include it there. It’s possible that your dev put it in there and then that got overwritten by the update. (There have been other customizations overwritten by the update — it’s not good practice to put customizations into the core plugin like that.)

You can grab the PMPro MailChimp plugin, which does have that file and then update the lines in your theme’s functions.php file to look for it at

ABSPATH . “/wp-content/plugins/pmpro-mailchimp/includes/MCAPI.class.php”

Hope this helps.

Thanks. We don’t charge for the code, but definitely are building a profitable business on top of the PMPro platform. I don’t think we’ll charge for the source code any time soon.

Hi Jason, I’m considering setting myself up on your free plan. Would I get access to updates like this as there is a point made of the fact that with the PMPro Plus package there are automatic updates. Does it just mean with the free version, I manually follow your guidane like the above and would i receive any notification to let me know about updates like this?

The core plugin and many of our addons are hosting at and you would get automatic updates for those. Our “PMPro Plus” addons are hosted on our own server, which requires a PMPro Plus license to get automatic updates. The code is open source though, so you can grab the ZIPs off of GitHub if you’re strapped for cash but not time.

You’ll get notifications in the WP dashboard for both kinds of plugins. You’ll see an error when trying to upgrade a PMPro Plus plugin if you don’t have a PMPro Plus license key setup.

Hope this clears things up.

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