This update contain many important bug fixes, especially for those running 1.7.14 and PayPal Express and Braintree gateway users.

Please update the Paid Memberships Pro from the plugins page of your WordPress dashboard. You can also get the latest version of PMPro here or version specifically here.

The full list of updates is below.

* BUG: Fixed warnings in PayPal Express class that could break redirects at checkout. (Thanks, Adam Warner)
* BUG: Fixed issue where new users who checked out with Braintree weren’t having their customerid’s saved, which led to subscription syncronization issues if they checked out again or updated their billing.
* BUG: Fixed warnings in the membership-billing page.
* BUG: Fixed false positive “There are JavaScript errors on the page. Please contact the webmaster.” errors.
* BUG: Fixed issue where users on some sites running 1.7.14 could not logout.
* OTHER: Changed the CSS class of the checkout button generated via [checkout_button] shortcode or pmpro_getCheckoutButton() function from “btn btn_primary” to “pmpro_btn” to match other buttons generated with PMPro.

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I am wondering if you could support the rounded two digits for Japanese yen together with the PayPal for yen.

I need the solution for this subject.


Not sure what you mean by this. We do need to do some things to support currency with symbols on the right side or commas instead of decimals. It’s a bit of work, and we’re waiting for a patron/sponsor for that.

Hi, Jason,
What I meant is the after the comma like Yen100.50 to either Yen100 or 101 after the rounded.
Because there is no such digits(units) appeared here after the comma,

Hi Jason, I have done the latest update in my WP dashboard “updates” but I am still getting the “There are javascript errors on the page. Please contact the webmaster”. I tried it with Paypal express, as well as with testing + sandbox but whatever I do ithe message still shows up. Is there any conflict of PMP with any WP-plugin as far as you know? Tks Hans

I am using version On checking out, I am getting the “There are JavaScript errors on the page. Please contact the webmaster.” Please help quickly. Thanks.

After waiting for more than a month for a reply, I decided to invest in another plugin called Restrict Content Pro. The response time provided by that company is much faster.

Hey I m using Version but i still not logout from my account ?? I want to know how i create logout page ??do this plugin provide any shortcode?

There are JavaScript errors on the page. Please contact the webmaster.
plugin error not fix ! please help me. i use pmpro

If you use something like Chrome Debug bar or Firebug you can use the console to see the specific JavaScript errors. These are usually due to JS errors in other plugins/themes on the checkout page that are breaking JS in general and so not allowing the PMPro checkout JS to work.

If you post to our member forums and share the URL in a private reply we can take a look and make suggestions… and get further information if needed to clear up these errors for you.

If you use the console and find it’s an error in our code, share all of the JS errors here (because earlier errors in other plugins/themes would cause later errors in our code) and we’ll try to figure it out.

Just a FYI…I still can’t logout after upgrade to 1-7-14-2 …disabled all plugins and used untouched default theme (thirteen I think).
I did figure out a work around. This only happens when my checkout is in a child of membership-account/membership-checkout.
If I switch it to /membership-checkout it works fine.

I was able to logout when using the latest PMPro, 2013, and had the checkout page as a subpage.

There probably is another factor going on here. How are you linking to the logout? Are you using a login/logout plugin? If you open a thread in our support forums, we can help you further.

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