* Sorry for so many updates past few days. Things should slow down for a bit after this. *

This is an important update for those running Some debug code was left in the last release that causes fatal errors when some checkout fields are left blank.

Please update the Paid Memberships Pro from the plugins page of your WordPress dashboard. You can also get the latest version of PMPro here or version specifically here.

One update:

BUG: Removed the debug call to d($…) that was left in preheaders/checkout.php and would show up when checkout forms were submitted with empty fields. (Thanks, Nicolas)

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Newer versions of WordPress have removed the “excerpt” box. However, if you add a “more tag” at a spot in your post and also have the “show excerpts” setting set in the PMPro advanced setting, you should get what you want.

Not sure where to leave enhancement suggestions but it would be nice to have Paid Membership Pro allow:
1. Multiple levels per user
2. Allow duplicate e-mail addresses

I tried a wordpress plug in called “Allow multiple Accounts” which was supposed to allow duplicate e-mails but on PMPro check out I still received the message “Email address is already taken. Please try another.” So maybe it works for WP but not during a PMPro check out.


RE 1, we’re working on it, but no timeline for when it will be done.

RE 2, that’s makes sense since PMPro has it’s own check for duplicate email addresses. If you post this to our member forums, I can whip up some code for you to allow multiple users to have the same email address. Sounds like something that would be dangerous in general, but if you know what you’re doing on your site we can help you disable that check.

Occasionally my new PMP members have been having trouble with payment. One person said it was a “Error on page Error 402,” any insight on what this could be about? Thanks.

I am getting the error ‘There are JavaScript errors on the page. Please contact the webmaster’ when trying to use paypal express instead of being redirected properly.


I’m using pmpro in a very simple capacity on a site right now to restrict pages to certain users. I had it up and running totally fine about 3 weeks ago and all of the sudden (after an unexpected website crash) the plugin arbitrarily logs people out when certain things are executed on the site.

I’m using PHP to render two buttons in the navbar when a user logs in that go to their respective profiles and dashboards (just basic pages that are restricted). However, ever since that crash, when you log in and click on either of the two generated buttons, you get logged out. If you then click on ‘log-in’ you’re automatically logged back in to whatever user you were just logged in as.

I’ve narrowed this issue down to the PMPro plugin and have deleted and re-installed and re-setup the plugin and am having the same issues. Not sure if it’s conflicting with something else in the site or what, but I’m really frustrated and can’t seem to figure out what’s going on. Any advice?

Sounds like something that will happen if a user is logged in on an HTTPS version of a page and clicks on a non-HTTP link (or vice versa). Did you install an SSL certificate recently?

Solving these kinds of problems isn’t always straightforward. You can do it a number of ways depending on what you need. One thing that might be a quick fix would be to use relative URLs (like /about/ instead of http://www.site.com/about/) on those two new links. Otherwise, if you post to the forums with links to your site we can take a look.

HI when i enter an email address that is already in database . it redirect back to sign up form but do not show any error. It must be show an error that “Email already exist”?

Is this happening with the latest version of PMPro? It should show an error… unless another error occurred at the same time. We sometimes only show the first error that occurred.

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