We just pushed version 1.7.2 of PMPro to the WordPress repository. As always, everyone should upgrade. Here is the full list of changes.

* Fixed the revenue/sales report to accurately track recurring sales and reports from earlier years.
* Now trimming whitespace on any text field updated through the PMPro settings pages. This prevents issues like those that come up if you have whitespace in your Stripe API key, etc. Thanks, Scott Sousa.
* Added discount code use tracking for PayPal Standard. Saving the use before the user goes to PayPal to pay.
* Added discount code id and code columns to orders and members list CSV exports.
* Changed default capability check to ‘manage_options’ (administrator), and added a filter named ‘pmpro_edit_member_capability’ to allow dev’s to change this capability. Thanks, Scott Sousa.
* Now removing empty (only includes the PMPro shortcode) PMPro pages when uninstalling PMPro. Thanks, Scott Sousa.
* Now adding classes to the body tag (if the theme supports it through the body_class() function) to aid in design. Classes are pmpro-account, pmpro-billing, pmpro-cancel, pmpro-checkout, pmpro-confirmation, pmpro-invoice.
* Adding $0 orders for free level checkouts (will help reporting).
* Added pmpro_invoice_bullets_top and pmpro_invoice_bullets_bottom hooks to confirmation and invoice pages. Passes $pmpro_invoice.
* Fixed members list CSV export for lists with search queries.
* Added is_ssl() check to pmpro_https_filter so PMPro will add HTTPS to URLs even if the $besecure global hasn’t been set yet. Thanks, Andrew Calaio at wpcurve.com.
* Removed the pmpro_cron_trial_ending_warnings daily cron so trial ending emails will no longer go out. The function pmpro_cron_trial_ending_warnings() is still there if you want to call it yourself. There were issues on some sites where these emails were going out erroneously and also many ways of doing “custom trials” including setting the subscription start date back a certain number of days was not picked up as a trial by this script anyway.
* Added the pmpro_cron_credit_card_expiring daily cron to send out warnings a month or so before credit cards on record are set to expire.
* Updated pmpro_has_membership_access to return true if the $post_id is empty or cannot be found. This fixes issues where member warnings were being added to non-pages, e.g. the bbPress forums archive. To lock down “pages” like this, you’ll need to use custom coding, URL detection, etc. Thanks, Scott Sousa (scottsousa on GitHub and WP.org) from Slocum Studio.

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Hi, I need to default, new users have their dormant account because the payment will be made by electronic transfer, and every time a user registers his and payment is made by check, your account will be activated immediately. I need to manage the high of each account.

my question is, in what part of the php code, I can change the active status to inactive? this every time you register a new user.

Your question is confusing; probably a language barrier thing. I’ll try to answer.

You can have two levels. Level 1 is for members who are signing up, level 2 is for members who have been approved (since their transfer went through). So just have people checkout for level 1, then switch them to level 2 (manually) once the payment goes through.

If you have some programatic way of detecting payment, you can call the pmpro_changeMembershipLevel() function to switch the user’s level.

Thank you very much for responding so quickly.

in php there is the “alter table” and the “insert to”

that php page which includes your application, I can modify the variable “status” to remain inactive default when a new user registers.

Please bear with me

Hi, I’m trying the PMP plugin to create a membership site. I would to know if it’s possible to create different pages with different level subscriptions. For example : Page 1 i want to show only the level 1 and 2 while in the page 2 i want to show only the levels 3 and 4. Is it possible? thanks Angela

Hi there. Not sure what you mean by “show only the level 1 and 2”. Do you mean only show content for level 1 and 2 members? That is part of the core plugin, you just check the levels that have access to each page. Do you mean show links to check out for level 1 and 2? The “levels” page by default shows all levels that are available to checkout, but you can always hand craft your own pages with links to the checkout pages for each specific level, etc.

Hi!! Thanks for your quick reply. It’s a good idea create a page with links to the checkout pages for each specific level.

How do we configure custom trials. I want the membership to be a 7 days 1$ trial recurring to a 47$ a month for 12 month on the 8th day. How do I do that.

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