Update 1.7.3 has just been pushed out to the WordPress plugin repository. This update includes support for the Cybersource and 2Checkout gateways in beta. If you’d like to use Paid Memberships Pro with these gateways, you should get in touch with us and let us know that you are doing so and let us know if you run into any issues. There will definitely be a release out later this week or next with fixes and further development for these gateways, so be sure to upgrade when those come out.

This update also includes a new report including signup and cancellation numbers. The report also includes numbers for Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) and Customer Lifetime Value (LTV). Currently the numbers are calculated for the full lifetime of your website and really only make sense for users with recurring membership plans. Also, if you have free plans along with your paid plans, your LTV values can be skewed. We plan to extend the functionality of this report through settings and further charts in the next release. Stay tuned.

Also notable in this release are some language files for a few Spanish locales and for French French. 🙂 These language files are still being worked on by some wonderful folk. You can lend a hand by committing updates at GitHub. As the language files are updated and new ones roll in, we will add them to the plugin.

The full list of bug fixes and updates is here:
* pmpro_longform_address and pmpro_international_addresses now default to true. See this gist to go back to US-specific address format: https://gist.github.com/strangerstudios/6478242
* Added “Show Billing Address Fields” option for the Stripe payment gateway. Set to ‘No’ to hide billing address fields. Replaces the functionality of the “Stripe Lite” plugin.
* Added language files for es_ES, es_CL, and es_PE. Thanks, Javier Monorové (zillionsk8 on GitHub).
* Added language files for fr_FR. Thanks, Jérémy De la casa.
* NOTE: Language files may not be complete. The get involved, join us on GitHub.
* Added Cybersource and 2Checkout gateways in beta.
* Added pmpro_paypal_button_image filter so you can override the URL of the PayPal button image.
* Added a new report showing signups vs. cancellations, monthly recurring revenue, and lifetime value.
* Fixed issue where the checkout_paid template was always being used for emails. It now checks if the level at checkout is free and sends either the checkout_free, checkout_paid, or checkout_trial templates accordingly. (Thanks, inator on GitHub)
* Fixed sales report to not show $ when hovering over bars for “sales” vs. “revenue”.
* Fixed issue where PayPal Standard levels using a billing frequency > 1 (e.g. every 3 months) would have an extra payment charged after one period.
* Fixed SQL error in discount code admin page that could result in cycle_periods of code levels saving incorrectly. (Thanks, Sam D’Amico)
* Removed note that Payflow gateway doesn’t support recurring payments. It does.
* Now passing the membership level id in the $data var for checkout and cancellation emails. The key is “membership_id” so use $data[‘membership_id’] to check/access it.
* No longer setting the subtotal property of orders when the “subscribe” method of the gateways is called. This will fix cases where an initial order or a subscription with a free trial showed a charge amount > $0.
* Clicking enter in discount code box at checkout will no longer submit form and will click the “apply” button.
* Hiding the “Apply” button on the checkout page if a discount code was passed in. Showing it if the text field is changed.
* Authorize.net now supports CAD, GBP, and EUR currencies (for US merchants only) http://community.developer.authorize.net/t5/The-Authorize-Net-Developer-Blog/Authorize-Net-Expansion-into-Canada-the-United-Kingdom-and/ba-p/33690
* Fixed notice in getfile.php
* Fixed notices and expiration dates in login report.
* Fixed notices in includes/notifications.php (Thanks, Nilesh)
* Allowing dashes (-) in discount codes now.

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ok Thanks for help
But my client want to charged a initial payment at the time of registration then 1 month free trial and then start monthly subscription payment(from second month).

I am using paid membership pro and create a level with initial payment 12.95 then monthly subscription for this is 12.95 per month
and then add a trial period for one month by giving value 0 at price and then 1 in subscription payment box and last set membership expire after one month.

But when i click on paypal button it show error

Invalid second trial period. You must specify valid values for the A2, P2, and T2 parameters for a subscription.

it comes only when i add trial

How much would like you like charged at these times, and I’ll let you know how to set the payments:

* At checkout
* 1 mo from checkout
* 2 mo from checkout
* 3 mo from checkout
* every mo after

I am using 3 levels
first level charged 12.95 for every month
2nd level charged 29.95for every month
3rd level charged 49.95 for every month

now i want to add one month trial period for these three levels also with initial payment

The initial payment is the amount charged at checkout. The first payment ($12.95, $29.95,etc) will be charged 1 month later. If you need a trial in between (so $initial, then $0 for one month, then $12.95/mo after) you can setup a trial (depending on gateway), but it sounds like you just need an initial payment.

We can’t do great support in the comments of our release posts (unless it’s specific to the release) so please post to our forums if you need more help.

If I could have a wish list of three features, here’s what they’d be:

1. The ability for members to be subscribed to more than one “level” at a time.
2. The ability to customize the word “member” and “level” so that, for example in my case it can read “Course”
3. The “subscription information” can read something to the effect of “extra information” and has room for two or three words like “coming soon” or “enter discount.”

I read somewhere back in January that you guy’s were working on #1 of my wish list. Any idea when that might be ready?


Hi Jason,

Can a UK merchant use PMPro with Stripe to take USD, GBP and EUROs? We are thinking of buying but haven’t heard back from you guys about this key question. thanks!

Quick question, what is the status of custom trial periods for stripe? Im on an older version of PMPRO and really need this to be doable and I just need to update or modify something. Thanks!

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