Development Changelog for Paid Memberships Pro Release Updates

Version 1.7.4 of Paid Memberships Pro has just been pushed to the WordPress repository. This version fixes a lot of various bugs, improves performance off the CSV exports, and added a few community translations for Italian, French and Spanish.

In particular, there were a lot of updates to the PayPal gateway integration (all flavors), so be sure to upgrade if you are using PayPal. (You’re going to upgrade anyway, right?)

The full list of updates:

* Updated PayPal IPN to use HTTP 1.1 and “Connection: Close” per recent PayPal IPN updates.
* Fixed bug with slashes being added to the SSL Seal text when Payment Settings are saved.
* Now applying the pmpro_checkout_level filter when a membership level is loaded from an order during the review step with PayPal Express checkouts. This will fix many customizations that might have not worked with PayPal Express.
* Cleaned up PayPal Express API integration a bit. Fixes some bugs on sites with one-time payments and taxes calculated in.
* Change the use_ssl payment setting. You can choose “No” now for gateways that require SSL. Just make sure you set it to Yes when going live or use another method to force SSL on your checkout page. You can also set it to Yes (use JavaScript redirect) to fix some issues that come up with infinite redirects on shared hosting with specific caching/proxy techniques.
* Optimized the members list and orders CSV exports to run with less memory. Especially important for large sites.
* Including Italian, French, Spanish/Peru, and Spanish/Chile language files contributed from the community. Thanks Mirco Babini (mirkolofio on GitHub) and Javier Monorové (zillionsk8 on GitHub)
* Fixed the email template issue for admin emails as well. The email sent to admins for free checkouts won’t include the empty billing address info anymore. (Thanks, inator on GitHub)
* Now redirecting from /register/ to PMPro levels page when latest versions of Theme My Login are activated. Can still disable by returning false with the pmpro_register_redirect or pmpro_login_redirect filter.
* Now showing a “renew” button for the current user’s level on the levels page if their level is not recurring.
* Fix in crons.php where in rare cases the pmpro_expiration_notice meta was not being set correctly for users, which might lead to multiple expiration warning emails.
* Updated pmpro_next_payment to work for any cycle number or period. (Thanks, antonv and others.)
* Now checking for a logged in user before trying to get a billing address to prepopulate at checkout.
* Updated frontend.css to make sure that background gifs in error messages aren’t repeated or applied to dropdowns.
* Added some currencies: CNY, INR, IDR, KRW, TRY, VND, ZAR
* All currencies now available to all gateways. You still need to make sure that your gateway supports the chosen currency.
* Now sending all emails from the PMProEmail class from the pmpro_getOption(“from_email”) setting. Some were sent from the get_option(“admin_email”) setting before.

Next up on our plate:

* Finishing up 2checkout (deprecated in v2.10+) integration.
* Adding the Silent Post handler for the Cybersource gateway (deprecated in v2.10+).
* Updates to the cancellation/MMR/LTV report.
* Locking down tags in core.
* Discount code reports.

p.s. As a personal note, I’ve just finished up writing the Building Web Apps for WordPress book for O’Reilly. We’re finalizing it now and it will hopefully be out by the end of the year or early next. I’m going to have marketing/etc things to do for the book, but this frees up a lot of my time to work on PMPro. We’re doing tons of great stuff. If you are a developer and want to get involved, please reach out.

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