Development Changelog for Paid Memberships Pro Release Updates

Version 1.7.5 of Paid Memberships Pro was just pushed out to the WordPress repository.

You can grab the update at these locations or just click on the update link on the plugins page of your WP admin dashboard.

This update includes fixes for the 2Checkout integration (deprecated in v2.10+). We’ve been able to get 2Checkout working for one-time and recurring payments. We still have the “beta” notice in there until it gets tested a bit more, but you guys are welcome to start using it.

We also added support for the WPML multilingual plugin. If you have this plugin installed and create different language versions of all of the PMPro pages, then PMPro will smartly link them together and make sure people get the correct versions of each page.

A full list of updates in this version:

  • Fixed all open bugs with 2Checkout gateway. You can now use this gateway for one time and recurring levels. We’re still keeping the beta message though until we have further live testing.
  • The shortcodes for the PMPro pages (e.g. pmpro_levels/etc) will now work on multiple pages. Things may still act funny if you put the shortcodes on pages other than those set in the page settings, but you can do so if you know what you are doing. One limitation still in place is that you can only have one PMPro page shortcode per page. Whichever comes first will be used.
  • Added support for WPML. Simply make a copy of each PMPro page for each language. Set the PMPro page settings to the default language pages.
  • Updated pmpro.pot template along with a script that will allow us to easily update the pmpro.pot file when we need to.
  • Updated the pmpro_url function, should work the same but if you use addons or customizations and notice bugs around URLs, let me know.
  • Fixed bug where old membership data was being included in the members list export instead of the latest active membership data.
  • Filtering $morder->membership_level at checkout as well as $pmpro_level global.
  • When loading bemail and bconfirm email from user meta for existing users, just setting them both to $bemail so different emails don’t show up.
  • Now sending a member’s email address to Stripe when customers are created/updated.
  • No longer running wpautop on email via pmpro_send_email filter.
  • If first_name and/or last_name are passed at checkout, these are used to create a new user instead of bfirstname and blastname.
  • Added “view” links to the page settings page.
  • Fixed some potential warnings in adminpages/reports/login.php.
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