This update include a lot of bug fixes and small improvements. The full list is below. We will likely have one more 1.7.8 or 1.8 release this month and a v2.0 release after that!

Visit the “plugins” page of your dashboard to update or you can grab the ZIP file here: latest version1.7.6 specifically.
All updates included in this release:
* Fixed bug where user_id = ” was breaking on some MySQL setups and keeping the pmpro_membership_orders table from being populated.
* Updated “Joined” column in members list to use the WP date format setting.
* Removed redundant phone number on checkout page if bphone is already set.
* When adding extra columns to the Members List CSV export via pmpro_members_list_csv_extra_columns, we are now passing the original heading/field name to callback function. So you can use that in your callback functions. This generally means you can use one function that just dumps the meta value rather than requiring a separate function for each meta value.
* Fixed bug where “Show Billing Fields” option was visible on the payment settings page for the testing gateway. (This option is only for Stripe.)
* Fixed bug with choosing levels to hide ads from on advanced settings tab. (Thanks, Alain Fradette)
* Fixed bug where PayPal Express was adding tax twice for subscription charges. (This does not fix existing subscriptions on the PayPal side.)
* Fixed bug with the Stripe Webhook where non-PMPro orders were being added to PMPro via the webhook. If the customer_id cannot be found (i.e. it’s a non-PMPro customer), the order is ignored. (Thanks, Jacob Glenn)
* The getMemberOrderByPaymentTransactionID() function has been updated to return false if no payment_transaction_id is passed in (instead of finding the first order where the id is blank). This is inline with the getMemberOrderBySubscriptionTransactionID() function.
* Fix to code that hides posts from search to NOT hide posts that a user has access to but might also be accessible by users of a different level. (Thanks, normanyung on GitHub)
* Added a pmpro-en_GB translation that changes “State” to “County” on the billing address fields. (Thanks, alexbiddle on GitHub)


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I am not sure if I have found a bug or not. When I have paid memberships that submit payment through paypal it does not assign their normal wordpress user login to the membership level paid for. Is this something that is already known? Or is this something I have to pay for in the non free edition?

First, all of our code is available for free. Payment is for support.

RE your bug, are you using PayPal Standard? If so, we can’t give someone a membership level until we hear back from PayPal IPN that the payment went through. Depending on your setup, that message may not be making it there. Some troubleshooting tips here: $code->code

If you are using another flavor of PayPal, you’ll need to give us more info to figure out what is going on. Follow up on the member forums if you still need help.

Hi There,

I am attempting to use your plugin on my website however I have found that it is conflicting with another plugin that I use: Gravity Forms.

The “E-Mail Settings” in your plugin override all other e-mail settings for the entire WordPress installation. Any forms that are submitted via our website appear to be sent and received from the e-mail address specified in “E-Mail Settings” on your plugin.

We are contemplating the purchase of the premium version of your plugin as we are very impressed by the features offered, but we are having to keep the plugin disabled until this issue can be repaired.

Please advise,

Thanks for the reply Jason, I just happened to have a copy of the v1.7.6 functions.php laying around, so I copied that and replaced the new (1.7.7) one and it is working again, so I’m good for now. I am not using WooCommerce. Hope this helps.

By the way, I love your product! It is the perfect solution for my site, much better than any other solution I’ve tried!


I just installed this update, but now when someone signs up on my website using Paypal, they no longer are automatically assigned to my MailChimp List…. this was working fine before the update… any help?


* ignore the earlier version of this comment, I accidentally replied to the wrong comment *

RE MailChimp integration after the upgrade, I will be testing this on our dev site to see if there if we can reproduce this and suggest a fix. Thanks for the heads up. We appreciate your patience while we figure this out.

I had to do a few edits to your plugin to add some translations to some strings, I’ve also made an Arabic translation of your plugin. How can i submit those changes? Do you have a Github repo which i can fork?

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