Version 1.8.1 of Paid Memberships Pro is out with a handful of bug fixes. These are important fixes for performance and using discount codes.

Please update the Paid Memberships Pro from the plugins page of your WordPress dashboard. You can also get the latest version of PMPro here or version 1.8.1 specifically here.

The full list of updates is below:

  • BUG: Fixed typos in pmpro_memberslist_csv and pmpro_orderscsv capabilities. (Thanks, Arnaud Devic)
  • BUG: Only loading the Braintree API when using it now.
  • BUG: Fixed fatal error that would occur at checkout if PayPal Standard were used with a discount code. (Thanks, John Zeiger)
  • BUG: Fixed issue where discount codes would not work if billing address fields were hidden. (e.g. paying by PayPal or check)
  • BUG: Fixed issue with the logic around sending emails when admin’s change a member’s level or expiration date. Admins will always get an email. Members will only get an email if the checkbox is checked.
  • ENHANCEMENT: No longer showing check instructions at checkout if the level is free.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added pmpro_stripe_create_subscription filter. (Thanks, nickd32 on GitHub)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added Czech (cs_CZ) language files and support for using decimals as separators. (Thanks, Martin “shr3k” Kokeš on GitHub)

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I’m having issues with PMPro sending out expiry dates at the wrong time. Had a customer yesterday who had their membership suspended. Expiry was set to 2016. I assumed it was a fluke, maybe someone manually triggered the expiry or something.

Today I had the same thing for one of my test accounts. I have the email (saying your account is about to expire), as well as a screenshot showing the expiry for that account is WAAAAY in the future. Basically the date to expire function isn’t working. Is this a known issue?


I forwarded your email to Jason who is planning to set up a Skype or chat to get more info about this bug. I’ll get him on this pronto – thank you for reporting the error and hopefully we can help you and anyone else who may have a similar experience.

Hello, I seem to be getting 404 pages all of a sudden when selecting a member level from the levels page. Is this a common problem? Can not seem to resolve it..

Try going to Settings –> Permalinks in the WP dashboard and clicking save to rebuild the rewrite rules and follow the instructions there. If they are still missing, if you post to our member forums we can get more information to fix this for you.

I am still receiving the 404 page error. When I click register and select my level, it takes me to a 404 page. My SSL is working. I’ve tried changing the permalinks and it still isn’t working. Here is the link – [snipped]

> My SSL is working.

I get the 404 if I try to view any page on your site over HTTPS. Where are you hosted? Is it multisite? It seems like you may have an issue with your SSL setup. Perhaps it is pointing to a slightly different location on the server? Or perhaps the .htaccess and pretty permalinks settings aren’t working over HTTPS on your setup.

I don’t believe this is directly related to PMPro. I found a lot of different issues when searching for “WordPress SSL 404” and one of the results to that search might direct you toward an answer. Your host would probably be in the best position to fix this also.

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