Version of Paid Memberships Pro is out with more fixes to the add on update code and a few other minor bug fixes.

Please update the Paid Memberships Pro from the plugins page of your WordPress dashboard. You can also get the latest version of PMPro here or version specifically here.

The full list of updates is below.

  • BUG: Fixed issue where addon information was not being updated. (Thanks, walcee, jeff1010ihs, and ron)
  • BUG: Fixed DB errors that would happen sometimes on brand new activations.
  • BUG: Fixed notices in the code that shows a member’s payment amount on the edit user/profile page.
  • BUG: Fixed warnings that would show up if you used pmpro_getLevel(‘name’) to get a level by name for a level that didn’t exist.

Comments (7)

after i stall the PMpro, i click on the membership link and i configure it and it work well. when i stalled all the addon and i click on membership plugin again, it shown me an error message that i did not have sufficient permission to access. what could be causing the problem sir. it is really disturbing me or is there an addon that could cause that?

‘Jus wanted to say thanks for sharing your genius. It’s “plug-ins” like yours that enables specialists in various fields to bring their expertise (after much effort) into the arena of site presentation. Even though the developed site may end up leaving a little to be desired, at least professionals in various areas are no longer muted. Thank you so very much for sharing your genius. Hank

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