Version of Paid Memberships Pro is out. This is a very small update with just one bug fix that was required for add ons (like the soon to be updated Member Directory Add On) that make use of the new pmpro_extra_page_settings filter.

Please update the Paid Memberships Pro from the plugins page of your WordPress dashboard. You can also get the latest version of PMPro here or version specifically here.

The full list of updates is below:

  • BUG: Added a $pmpro_core_pages global and using that in includes/init.php so we don’t try to load preheaders and templates for pages added to that from other addons/etc.
  • BUG: Fixed $pmpro_core_pages bug added in
  • BUG: Removed styling of .input from frontend.css. (Thanks, Russell Jamieson)

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Has any one noticed that their my account page is suddenly pointing to the about page ? it took a while to figure this out …when looged out previously and I tap the my acccount page it would go to the my account and ask for a login or registration now it just goes to my about page ?

My users are getting lots of password change emails for no seeming reason

Most likely, you are using some plugin that integrates your user accounts with accounts on some other system. That plugin is modifying user accounts on some sort of regular basis. It is likely doing so incorrectly, and causing WordPress to trigger the password change emails. For me, this is probably PMPro.

I was told to get in contact with your plugin’s author, and give them this information:

The password change email is triggered any time that the wp_update_user() function is called with a user_pass argument. If the plugin is not actually changing the password, then it needs to not update the user with a password field in the arguments array.

This is because whether or not you change the password, even to the same password, the database will be changed. WordPress doesn’t know the password, only a hash of it. And the same password can be hashed pretty much an infinite number of ways. So if you send it a user_pass, then it actually is rehashing it and updating the entry in the database.

So, please stop calling wp_update_user() with a user_pass field over and over again. Then no more emails will be sent. Instead, consider checking if the user password has actually changed before trying to change it. You can use the wp_check_password() function for that.

Hope this makes sense and it gets worked into an update!

Thanks, Nick

PMPro doesn’t use the wp_update_user function. I can’t think of an addon that would do this (outside of the change password form we add to Register Helper). But let me know what other addons you might be using so I can double check. I haven’t heard about this issue from customers or seen it on my sites. If you post to our member forums, I can follow up there to get information to take a look at your site to diagnose why this might be happening and get it fixed for you.

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