Version and of Paid Memberships Pro are out. v1.8.6.1 includes a security fix for invalid IPN requests via the PayPal IPN Handler script.

v1.8.6.2 includes a newly formatted reports dashboard and separate invoice templates for email and print. There are also some bug fixes and additional enhancements.
Development Changelog for Paid Memberships Pro Release Updates

Please update the Paid Memberships Pro from the plugins page of your WordPress dashboard. You can also get the latest version of PMPro here,  version specifically here, or  or version specifically here. Everyone should update to the latest available version, i.e., but if you need a version that includes only the IPN security fix you can use the version.

You can also see the small change that is required to fix the IPN security issue on GitHub here to manually patch your version of PMPro.

The New Reports Dashboard

The dashboard is now better formatted for larger report values, as well as better responsive viewing (for tablets or mobile devices).


The full list of updates is below.


  • SECURITY: Removed debug code from the PayPal IPN Handler script that was causing invalid IPN requests to process as if they were valid. (Thanks, Francois Harvey)


  • BUG: Stripe supports daily recurring subscriptions. Fixed issue where PMPro was still throwing a warning in some cases.
  • BUG: Removed warnings in the membership stats report.
  • CODE: Changed a couple instances of “since v2.0” to “since v1.8”.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added a hook for pmpro_checkout_order_free that functions like pmpro_checkout_order but fires for the blank order created for free checkouts.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Using site_url to get full URL to for the redirect_to value generated by !!referrer!! in the non-member/logged-out text strings in the advanced settings page. This fixes issues with using !!referrer!! on multisite setups. (Thanks, Keith Hall)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Updated pmpro_post_classes to work on the $post_id passed by the filter instead of the global $post variable.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added pmpro_body_classes to add classes like pmpro-body-level-required, pmpro-body-level-1, and pmpro-body-has-access to the body tag based on the queried object.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Reformatted the PMPro Reports dashboard.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Now using separate invoice templates for email and print.