Version 1.8.6 of Paid Memberships Pro is out. This update adds the ability to print and email invoices/orders from the dashboard. There is also a small bug fix and few other enhancements.

Please update the Paid Memberships Pro from the plugins page of your WordPress dashboard. You can also get the latest version of PMPro here or version 1.8.6 specifically here.

The full list of updates is below.

  • BUG: The pmpro_membership_level_profile_fields_update() function now only fires on the personal_options_update and edit_user_profile_update hooks instead of the profile_update hook since this function expects to be called from the your-profile or edit-user page.
  • FEATURE: Added the ability to print invoices/orders from the Memberships -> Orders page in the dashboard. (Thanks, AgResources)
  • FEATURE: Added the ability to email invoices/orders from the Memberships -> Orders page in the dashboard. (Thanks, AgResources)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added pmpro_before_change_membership_level action. Runs before the subscriptions are cancelled and before the SQL executes to change a user’s level. Passes $level_id and $user_id.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Updated Stripe Web Hook handler to save event into global $pmpro_stripe_event so filters can act on it.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added $pmpro_level as a second parameter for the pmpro_setup_new_user filter. (Thanks, David Crabill)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added Vietnamese language pack. (Thanks, Alex Training Center)

Comments (2)

We wish the PMP was more user friendly (sighing) and business focused.

We have been looking for a solid membership plugin for months and your feature set appears solid but its not as user friendly. We have relied much on Chris Lema’s reviews for plugins over the past several months (see: and actually PMP has the best feature set for our specific needs. However, this is the big however, much of the modifications and tweaks requires PHP experience.

We have purchased other plugins to test the platforms. We inquired with you about paying the $695 “do it for me” setup to to assist us with getting going. We are an professional member association and want to allow members to sign up using more detailed forms, register for events, pay their membership dues, have access to product and discount rates (Woocommerce) and use Zapier to pass member data to CRM (e.g. Base, Zoho, Salesforce). PMP appears to provide this but the documentation is confusing. Suggestion: charge monthly and then have a mandatory setup fee for those larger organizations who want to continue to use WordPress. Memberium (includes phone support) was well worth it but they only hook into InfusionSoft. $49/mo for Memberium was very much well worth but we had to cancel because they are exclusively tied to Infusionsoft CRM. Even paid support would be great.

Chris Lema says it best: “Paid Memberships Pro can sometimes feel like it was written by a software developer for a software developer.”

We’ll continue to watch your growth and hopefully its turned into a more dedicated platform product offering.

Other concerns that we have is what if husband and wife decide to retire / get out of this business or go on longer vacations? This means no product support and perhaps even no more PMP. This would be devastating for our business. Membermouse / Memberium and others seem to have a long term business strategy. Please take this into consideration.

Thanks for allowing the rant and bit of dreaming. 🙂

Thanks for the feedback, Mark. There is a tradeoff to be made in terms of user friendliness and flexibility. We very consciously aim for the flexibility end of the spectrum. The core plugin is easy for non-developers to setup, but definitely we expect users to have a developer to setup the kind of integration you lay out.

We’re unable to do the do it for me’s anymore. You can find help on our developers page ( but I imagine it might be more than $695. Still, it’s worth a look.

> Chris Lema says it best: “Paid Memberships Pro can sometimes feel like it was written by a software developer for a software developer.”

PMPro is literally written by a software developer for software developers. Again, we try our best to make the core plugin easy to use, but also flexible for developers through the addons and hooks/filters.

RE a dedicated platform: It’s an interesting idea and one we think about often. I think however if we did set something up, we would limit the extendability of the platform to make it easier to support and manage. Similar to how is a paired down version of, etc.

RE our company going out of business: We don’t plan to. Plus PMPro is open source, so someone else would support things if we didn’t. There are a lot of other developers and customers dependent on PMPro who would fill our shoes if we disappeared.

RE support while we are on vacation: We have 3 dedicated support team members now and they’ve handled things well on our last vacation. In fact, they handle things pretty well while I’m not on vacation as well. We can do more to improve our response times and support quality, and we are focused on that.

Part of the natural progress of PMPro is that the things that are initially more difficult and require a developer eventually get cleaned up, streamlined, and made more user friendly as those features become more demanded/etc. So if you stay tuned, eventually your scenario might become very easy to get working on PMPro.

Good luck with things, and thanks again for the comment.

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