We have long recommended Theme My Login as a very useful plugin for sites running Paid Memberships Pro. With features including themed login, frontend user profiles, and simple redirection rules, we found TML to be a great addition for any membership site. We recommended it to 100% of our users and included it in our WordPress bundle.

With the release of version 7.0+ of Theme My Login, several key features that were once included in the WordPress.org repository version of the plugin are now offered as premium extensions. This post details some short and long term options for membership site owners concerned about the changes and the best steps to take.

Themed login pages are still part of the free plugin.

If you were only using Theme My Login to show your login form on the frontend of your website and not using any of the “modules” that came with the plugin, then you are fine and can continue to use Theme My Login as you were before. Make sure that you are upgraded to the latest version of Paid Memberships Pro as well, which included a fix so PMPro will still redirect the registration page to the PMPro levels page and handle login redirects properly.

If you can afford it, purchase the Theme My Login extensions bundle after upgrading.

Theme My Login is a solid plugin maintained by a great developer, Jeff Farthing. Support Jeff and your site by purchasing the premium extensions you need.

Currently you can purchase extensions a la carte for $10 each or a bundle of all 6 legacy extensions for $49.99. Jeff has kindly given us a discount code to share with our members to receive 20% off any extension purchase, including the bundle. Just type in “PMPRO” on the checkout page to apply the 20% discount. This code will work through the end of July 2018.

You can purchase the Theme My Login extensions here.

After upgrading you may have to redo some settings.

We purchased the bundle ourselves and were able to get our themed login and profile pages back online in a few minutes. We did have to redo a few of the settings though. Here are a few notes we took during the upgrade that might help:

  1. When we installed the Redirections extension, all of our redirection rules all migrated properly upon upgrade.
  2. When we installed the Themed Profiles extension, our settings were reset to the default. We typically recommend checking the box to theme profiles for the Subscriber role and checking the box to keep Subscribers out of the dashboard.
  3. The default Login, Register, Password Reset, and Profile pages are no longer editable as pages. However, we were able to take our “your-profile” page, keep the [theme-my-login] shortcode on the page, and then change the slug in the main TML settings to “your-profile”. Now the profile page has the template, sidebar, and other settings we want for that page.

The PMPro Member Homepages add on is a good substitute for the TML login redirect module.

One of the TML modules allowed you to select a different page to be redirected to after logging in based on the user’s role. This way you could have subscribers redirected to one page and admins redirected to another.

If you don’t need to redirect users based on roles, you can redirect them based on their membership level instead using our Member Homepages add on.

In the short term, you can keep using version 6.4 of TML

While its always smart to keep your WordPress plugins up to date for security considerations, in the short term you can keep version 6.4 of TML active. The plugin won’t allow you to update in the WP dashboard unless you read the notice on the settings page and change a setting to approve the upgrade to version 7.0.

Version 6.4 TML is likely to work for a while until a core update to WordPress changes something about the login system that breaks it. We highly recommend upgrading to TML 7.0+ as soon as possible, but you have some time to figure things out.

Improving Paid Memberships Pro with Added Profile Features

The new business model for Theme My Login is a good move for Jeff and will help him to build a business around the plugin that will ensure the plugin continues to be maintained and supported. We like plugins that do their one thing really well, and we’ve been happy with Theme My Login over the years. I’d rather not use our limited development time to build functionality covered by other competent plugins. On the other hand, the cost of the extensions are going to keep some PMPro users from installing Theme My Login. This factors into our decisions around what features we build into the core PMPro plugin, build into our Add Ons, or reserve for third party plugins.

In the long term, we are looking into moving the themed login and profile page features into the core PMPro plugin or possibly an Add On of our own. We are in the early stages of discussion and will start from first principles to figure out what kind of solution will be best for our users.

In the short term, you can purchase the extensions you need using the PMPro discount code, use some of the workarounds mentioned in this post, or continue to use TML 6.4 until a core WordPress update breaks the plugin.

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Thank you for your post and the recommendation. I do have to chime in on three key points here.

1) You mentioned “The default Login, Register, Password Reset, and Profile pages are no longer editable as pages”. This is not entirely true. The plugin doesn’t require these pages, however, if you want to still use them, either to use specific templates, add content, or any other reason, you still can. All you have to do is ensure that the page slugs match those of the TML slugs exactly.

2) You said “The plugin won’t allow you to update in the WP dashboard unless you read the notice on the settings page and change a setting to approve the upgrade to version 7.0”. This is true, however, it requires 6.4.16+. If you have an earlier version, you would need to manually install 6.4.16+ in order to obtain this functionality. Version 6.4.17 takes it a step further an allows you to only download 6.4.x versions, should we release any beyond 6.4.17.

3) You mention “In the long term, we are looking into moving the themed login and profile page features into the core PMPro plugin or possibly an Add On of our own”. I would have to implore you not to do so and continue recommending our great plugin instead! 😉

Hi Jeff,

Since you seem to be active on these posts, I thought I would ask a question. I recently upgraded to the new version of Theme My Login within my PMP website.

My login box now take up the entire screen. They literally go from left all the way right. It looks annoying. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

The plugin also doesn’t work with password programs like lastpass anymore.


Hi rsmfederal,

since using newest version my login page i am facing the same issue. Did you find a solution ?

I fully support the themed login being into PMP core – for exactly this reason. You don’t want to be dependent on external plugins for this large a piece of the program. I would venture to guess that a great majority of your users are dependent on this.

Occam’s razor – the simplest solution is the best. Build it in.

I know you have a good relationship with Jeff but the entire WP developer community is railing against his brash decision to *remove* functionality from the free version. It’s fine if he wanted to ADD paid functionality – his right to do so – but the way he went about this literally broke thousands of sites across the world.

Actually, it is my right to do anything I please to the plugin, including obliterating it from the face of the earth. Thankfully, I chose not to do so and simply ask to be reimbursed for my effort instead.

That being said, themed login, registration and password recovery are still free…

Many thanks for your quick responce
all i need is when a member logs in it just takes them to the page they was going to for example if i was going to my members page after log in it take me to that page
at the moment i have disabled tml

Hi just looked and what i can make out just to be directed to the page you was trying to access with TML you need to pay for it
and as we already pay for pmpro plus we will have to wait for the update to pmpro
I see you have a addon witch will take you to a page witch i think we are going to have to use this for now

Has anyone else seen issues with TML (either the old or new version, I’ve tested both) and the WP 4.9.8 upgrade while using PMP? (I realize we’ve narrowed the stack here a bit, but bear with me).

Having the 3 of those, again, with either new or old TML, WP goes into redirection hell and quits. I’ve posted this in the members forum and other users seem to have the same issue. Reposting here for more exposure.

Ok.. I only have 16 users … just want them to be re-directed once they login to the ‘informations’ page. And this is a super small site. Why can I not do it with the free version ? All I need is “If you login you go to page X ; if you can’t, you stay on the login page”. How much does this cost ?
Thank you

Hi! many thanks for the article, it is very interesting.

I’ve been using TML for a while but when I purchased the premium features of the new version the whole design of the login and register pages were messed up… I had to ask for a refund while I figured out how to fix that.

Do you have any idea of where can I edit the template as I did before? Jeff didn’t give me any solution…

My login page: https://evaluing.com/es/login/

Many thanks!

Are we any closer to building in some of the TML functionality to PMPro? It’s been a year since the TML plugin went premium.

Particularly, login pages, edit profile pages, lost password pages etc…

No. We still have no plans to build any TML functionality into PMPro. The one piece we are mostly highly considering is the frontend profile stuff. We could include that as an update to the member directory plugin at some point. We likely won’t get to that work this year.

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