The Member Homepages Add On redirects members to a unique homepage/landing page based on their level after login or when directly linking to your website.

Now you can use your site’s homepage as a true “sales” page for your membership offerings and design an alternate landing page or “member dashboard” page for each membership level.

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How it Works

  • When a logged in member attempts to access your site’s homepage, they will be automatically redirected to their assigned level’s home page. This applies to a homepage set as a static page or the posts page as defined under Settings > Reading in your WordPress admin.
  • When a member logs in to your site, they will be redirected to the homepage for their level. Users with no level will be taken to the static page or the posts page as defined under Settings > Reading in your WordPress admin .


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This plugin replaces our previous methods to redirect members to pages based on their level and redirect on login.

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I have 3 levels set up, all with their own homepages set. On the general settings I have the Account Page set to a page called membership-account. When I log in, it takes me to to level 1 membership-account page, not the home page set for that level in the plugin. It will only take you to the proper page if you then go to the home page. What am I doing wrong?

I found a workaround, but it’s not very elegant. Upon logging in the member is sent to the membership-account page and on the page is a button that says, “start my course” which links to the home page. That finally does it, but it’s a weird way to do it.

Is there a way to use this add on but to also retain the websites standard home page? I really want to have a dedicated accounts/home page per membership level but I don’t want to lose the websites home page in the process…

I am currently using the free version as a trial for my website

Once a user register, irrespective of members level, they are directly to the membership Admin backend on the profile page. This is not friendly

I see on all other videos users are directed to the account page. I dont mind the account page or preferably to the home page, instead of the admin profile page. Any solution to this?

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