UPDATE: The details of this post have changed since being published. Current PMPro Core members can renew their membership for $47/year. Current PMPro Plus members can renew their membership for $147/year.

If you are a current PMPro Member or had membership in the past, you can renew for a discounted price of $47 for one year. If you’re an existing member, you can lock in this renewal price today and extend your membership for one year following your current expiration date.

Renew Your PMPro Membership

Important Note: Starting June 1st, only current members will get this discount as an early renewal bonus. So if your PMPro membership has expired be sure to take advantage of this 50%+ discount now.

Want to offer renewal discounts on your own site?

Here’s an article outlining the process to add early renewal discounts on your site. If you are a PMPro Member and would like help customizing this code recipe, please open a topic on the members forum and mention this post so Jason and Jess can help out.

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Hi Jason,

Our account is registered under an unmonitored “administrative” email account so we didnt recieve the reminder notification to renew. Only realised our membership had lapsed when we logged in to browse the forums.

Are you able to extend this renewal offer to those who missed the renewal date by a week or 2?

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