We love that WordPress development teams can expand their own products and develop new integrations for Paid Memberships Pro. 

In this post, we share the most recent integrations that have been shared with our team. Perhaps one of these is the missing piece of functionality you have been hoping to add to your membership-driven business?

New third-party integrations for your membership site

A Word About Our Development Process

Paid Memberships Pro and Stranger Studios use a development schedule to expand and improve the core PMPro plugin and our library of Add Ons. This improvement gets implemented between work cycles, customization projects and other plugin authors.

Work Cycles

Internal development projects are guided by issues created in our organization’s GitHub repository as well as customer feedback and aggregate customer support queries. We call this “Cycle Work”, based on the Shape Up concept by Ryan Singer. These development cycles occur each quarter.

Extra Customization Projects

We receive numerous customization requests on a daily basis. There are so many different membership business models that we hope to serve with our platform. Some smaller custom requests can be accomplished and developed by our Support Team in the Members Support Area. Larger requests are usually referred to our Partner Developer Group to get an estimate for their project.

Other Third-party Plugin Authors

We openly embrace open source software and strive to make our plugin as extendable as possible. This allows other plugin authors and developers the chance to build a native or custom integration for their customers who are also using PMPro.

Note: If you are developing a third-party integration for PMPro, please contact us so we can invite you to our Slack channel for direct access to our development team.

Third-Party Integrations with Paid Memberships Pro

Below is a list of new integrations that have been developed by third-party WordPress developers. You can view the growing list of all third-party integrations we have learned about here.

eLearning/ Courseware/ LMS

Icon for MasterStudy LMS by Stylemix Themes

MasterStudy LMS by Stylemix Themes

MasterStudy LMS for WordPress allows any educational institution to create, manage, and sell online courses. MasterStudy LMS works with Paid Memberships Pro to adjust the number of courses available in subscription and create smart subscription plans.

Gamification/ Content

Icon for BadgeOS for PMPro

BadgeOS for Paid Memberships Pro

BadgeOS turns your site into an achievement and badging system. The BadgeOS Integration with Paid Memberships Pro allows you to add gamification to your membership site to engage your members.


Icon for WordPress Social Login by miniOrange

WordPress Social Login by miniOrange

The WordPress Social Login plugin integration with Paid Memberships Pro allows your members to login, register, share and comment with many Social Media applications. In addition to that, the pre-configured membership levels in the PMPro plugin will be reflected in the user profiles whenever users login using the WordPress Social Login Plugin.

Payment Gateways

Icon for Paystack Gateway for PMPro

Paystack Gateway for Paid Memberships Pro

The Paystack Gateway for Paid Memberships Pro allows site owners from Nigeria and Ghana to accept payments from their customers via Paid Membership Pro.

Knit Pay Integration for PMPro

Knit Pay Integration for Paid Memberships Pro

Top Indian payment gateways knitted together to integrate with Paid Memberships Pro and other major WordPress Plugins. Using this plugin you can integrate payment gateways like Instamojo, PayUmoney, Razorpay, Easebuzz etc. with Paid Memberships Pro in 3 easy steps.

Email Marketing

Icon for Active Campaign by WP Fusion

Active Campaign by WP Fusion

WP Fusion is a WordPress plugin that connects what happens on your website to your CRM. Using WP Fusion you can keep your customers’ information in sync, capture new leads, record eCommerce transactions, and much more. Their Paid Membership Pro integration adds customers to your CRM when they purchase a membership and apply tags based on the level of membership purchased.

A specific email marketing integration WP Fusion developed includes Active Campaign and you can find the documentation for this here.

Using Third-Party Plugins with Paid Memberships Pro

The integrations listed in our directory of third-party plugins haven’t been extensively tested by our team. If you are having an issue with one of these integrations, please reach out to the original author of the plugin and do let us know via our contact form if they are unwilling to update their code.

  • If you have an integration that we are not aware of, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out to us via our contact form with more information about your product.
  • If you are looking for an integration not yet available, please contact us or the third-party plugin author to gauge interest in building the product.
  • If you are eager for the custom integration, we have a group of PMPro Partner developers that are experienced with our software and can give you a quote on this custom work.

If you didn’t fnd what you were looking here, you can explore our growing list of all third-party integrations we have learned about here.