This guide will walk you through switching your WordPress site’s membership plugin from MemberPress to Paid Memberships Pro.

Due to the nature of eCommerce, your live site will continue to bring in new data—new orders, new members, new comments and posts in your forum, for example. 

The goal is to interrupt your live money-making site as little as possible. 💰

There are two important parts to completing your migration from MemberPress to Paid Memberships Pro:

  1. Migrating your members and their subscriptions
  2. Migrating the content protections from the previous system to the new system

We’ll cover both of these processes. If you follow all of the advice and instructions in this guide, you’ll end up with:

  • A WordPress membership site powered by Paid Memberships Pro.
  • A clean uninstall of MemberPress (no lingering data in your database or settings).
  • Seamless ongoing payments from past customers (if recurring)
  • New member payments powered by Paid Memberships Pro.


This setup guide is packed with the specific steps you need to convert MemberPress to PMPro members—without affecting 💰 current active subscriptions.

Topics Covered in the Guide

  1. Introduction
  2. Backup Your WordPress Website
  3. Pause Your Live Website
  4. Install and Set Up Paid Memberships Pro
  5. Set Up User Fields
  6. Prepare Your Data For Import
    • Export Your Members List From MemberPress
    • Create the Import Spreadsheet
      • Use Our Google Sheets Template
      • Create Your Own Import File
  7. Install Required Plugins for Import
    • Install the Import Users From CSV Plugin
    • Install the PMPro Import Users From CSV Plugin
  8. Backup Your Database
  9. Complete Your Member Import
  10. Resume Your Live Website
  11. Activate Payments in Paid Memberships Pro
  12. Content Restrictions: The Paid Memberships Pro Way
How to Migrate to PMPro from MemberPress